The Babysitter

Marnie is your usual 'hoodlum' who disrespects her mom in ways. She is told not to hang out with the people that she does, but she does it anyways. Well her mom ends up going on a business trip for a couple of months and she hires a babysitter. Her mom doesn't allow boys in the house but she hires Zayn Malik to be her babysitter and she leaves. Marnie's boyfriend Luke gets jealous but ends up going on tour, leaving Zayn and her alone but Zayn has a girlfriend, will she get in the way? Will things happen between her and Zayn? What will happen when she meets the other lads? Read and find out!!


12. Chapter 12

I wake up the next morning to knocking on the door. I get up and go to the door. I open it and Beca is standing there. "Zayn is asleep." I say, yawning. "I need to talk to him." She says and I sigh. I go to the living room and slap his cheek. He jumps and sits up and yawns. "What did you do that for?" He asks and I point to Beca. "I will be upstairs, don't get crazy you two." I say, yawning and jogging upstairs. I lie down on my bed and close my eyes, having no intention on listening to their conversation.

I wake up to shouting. "Zayn! I am leaving you!" Beca shouts and I wipe my eyes and go downstairs. "Hey!" I shout and they both look at me. "What is your problem?" Beca sneers at me. "Your yelling!!" I shout and Zayn looks at me. "Marnie, just go back upstairs." Zayn says and I look at him and his glasses are on. "No, she needs to know." Beca says and I cross my arms. "Know what?" I ask and she glares at me. "You are the reason I am leaving Zayn." She says and I laugh. "Why because he is babysitting me?" I ask and she opens her mouth. "Zayn is nothing but faithful, the unfaithful one is you, to even think he would do anything with me." I say, remembering our kiss and feeling guilty. "I know you two have done something." She says, eyeing me suspiciously and then looking at Zayn. "Beca, I love you, I am deeply hurt that you don't trust me." He says and she shakes her head. "I am leaving you, goodbye Zayn." She says, not even shedding a tear. "Might as well." He says and she stops. "What's that supposed to mean?" She asks and he looks up at her through his eyelashes. "I know you cheated on me and with her boyfriend." Zayn says, pointing at me. "W-what?" I ask and her face turns a bright red. "No, what are you talking about?" She asks and Zayn laughs. "Don't play innocent." He says and she just backs away. "So I gladly want you to know that I kissed Marnie." He says and she looks at me. "He cheated on me?" I ask, more to myself than to anyone else. Tears fill my eyes and I look up at a blurred Beca. "How? He had to go on tour." I say and she laughs. "He was with me, it's funny how he even got his friends in on it." She says and I gasp. "Mikey, Cal, and Ash?" I ask again to myself and shake my head in disbelief. I look up at her and she nods. I take a step back and crumple to my knees. All of this relationship has been a lie, did he ever truly love me? I feel my heart shatter into a million pieces and I cover my eyes and start sobbing. "Get out of here." Zayn says and I hear her laugh and then leave. His hand rubs circles on my back and I look up at him. "Don't touch me." I say, standing up, filled with boiling rage. "Marnie!" Zayn shouts after to me but I start running to Luke's flat.

I pound on the door and soon Cal answers. "Marnie, what are you doing here?" He asks and I push past him. I find Luke sitting on the couch and he looks up at me, surprise written on his face. "Marnie?" He asks, getting up. "What is the real reason you broke up with me?" I ask and he just looks confused. "I told you, I was on tour and I hated to see you heartbroken because of me." He says and I laugh. "That's bull and you know it, all of you know it." I say, pointing to all of them. "What do you mean?" Luke asks and I look at him. "You weren't on tour, none of you were." I say and Luke looks guilty but surprised. "What?" He asks and I shake my head. "You know exactly what I am talking about, you were cheating on me, telling me that you went on tour when in fact you were with Beca." I say and his eyes light up, meaning he knows what I am talking about. "All of you knew it too, you all betrayed me just so he could have a booty call." I say, tears filling my eyes once again. "Marnie, calm down." Cal says and I look at him. "No Cal, don't tell me to calm down, your betrayal hurt me the most, I thought you cared about me." I say and he looks at the ground. I turn back to Luke and he is staring at me. "You could have at least been man enough to tell me that you were cheating." I say quietly and I see tears fill his eyes. "Come on, you know you cheated on me with that guy!" He says but I shake my head. "No because I was in love with you." I say and he closes his mouth. "What did you do with her?" I ask, looking down. "Everything." He says and I close my eyes. "Why?" I ask, looking up at him. "I thought you were cheating." He says but I shake my head. "Why?" I repeat and he sighs. "You were never going to let me do it with you so I found someone who would." He says and I bite the inside of my lip. I shake my head and clench my fists. I leave and Zayn is standing outside and I walk up to him. "Come on, let me take you home." He says, wrapping his arms around me and walking me home.

Authors Note

Aye!!! I hope you liked this chapter, comment below what you think!! -BoyBand&&VinerCrazed;)<3

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