The Babysitter

Marnie is your usual 'hoodlum' who disrespects her mom in ways. She is told not to hang out with the people that she does, but she does it anyways. Well her mom ends up going on a business trip for a couple of months and she hires a babysitter. Her mom doesn't allow boys in the house but she hires Zayn Malik to be her babysitter and she leaves. Marnie's boyfriend Luke gets jealous but ends up going on tour, leaving Zayn and her alone but Zayn has a girlfriend, will she get in the way? Will things happen between her and Zayn? What will happen when she meets the other lads? Read and find out!!


10. Chapter 10

I start calling people and soon the place is packed and I avoid Zayn as much as possible. “Hey Marnz.” A slurry voice says and I turn and it is Harry. “Oh look here.” I say, crossing my arms and he puts a hand on my shoulder. “Don’t tell Zayn that I told you but I am in love with you and I know he will fill your mind with crazy stuff just so he can have you.” He says and I tune out because of the last part. I just shrug it off and I lead drunken Harry to the couch so he doesn’t hurt himself. “Hey Marnie, can I talk to you for a moment.” I turn and Zayn doesn’t seem mad but he grabs my wrist and pulls me up to his room. “Just a small party?” He asks, as soon as I close the door. “I thought it was going to be.” I say and he rubs his temples. “Loosen up Zayn, come on.” I say and he shakes his head. “They need to leave.” He says and I sigh. “Fine,” I say, going downstairs and I turn off the stereo. “Party’s over, everyone leave!” I yell and people start groaning but they leave. I turn and Zayn is there and I roll my eyes and I go upstairs and slam my door closed. I groan in frustration and I lie down on my bed and stare at the ceiling.

About an hour later, I hear a tap on my door and I get up and open my door and Zayn is there. “What?” I ask and he looks up at me through his eyelashes. “I am sorry, I don’t want things to go bad and you get in trouble.” He says and I shrug. “Its fine, I guess. I mean Harry was getting a bit flirtatious.” I say and he laughs. “He tends to.” He says and I laugh. “Are you hungry?” He asks and I nod. “I just made some floats and burgers.” He says and I jump on him. “You are amazing.” I say and I get on his back and he takes me downstairs and to the kitchen and I sit down at the table and he sits across me and I start eating. “Do you still think I am trying to ruin your life?” He asks and I smile. “You are the enemy.” I say, winking and he smiles. “Come on, you just met my friends, I thought we were at least on a first name basis.” He says and I laugh. “Alright,” I say and he smiles and I notice he has some ketchup by his lip. “You have ketchup on your face.” I say and he smiles. “Oops.” He says and starts wiping the opposite side of his face. “Wrong side!” I say and he switches sides but keeps missing it. I get up and sit in the chair next to him and grab a napkin and wipe it off. “Thanks.” He says and I smile, staring into his brown eyes. “You’re welcome.” I say, smiling but I don’t move because I feel like if I do, I might break up a moment. He leans in a little and I gasp just as he presses his lips to mine. I kiss him back and bite his lip and he smiles and kisses me again. I know it’s wrong but it felt right. I run my hands through his quiff and he just kisses my cheek and then down my neck. I let a small moan escape my lips and he smiles at me and then lets me go and he leaves the kitchen and I just sit there. I get up and put the plates and cups in the sink and I go up to my room and lie down and close my eyes.

Authors Note

OOOOOOOO!!!! -1D's Diana and 5SOS' Kangaroo and Lou's Carrot;)

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