jades secret ft Little Mix Tulisa Cher Lloyd and Demi Lovato (and family)

jade has a bad past but after performing on the X factor and winning it jade has begun to believe she has a really family. but when her dad shows up to try and talk will jade fall into old habits will Jesy Perrie Leigh-Anne Demi and Cher notice that jade needs their support before its to late. jade relizes that the girls wont let her slip through the cracks but when they begin to hang out with their boyfriends will jade end it all or will the girls be her saviors. will the stress of work and having the man she hates the most cause some of the things she fears the most to happen again. jade needs help and shes sending out the sign now its up to the girls to relize shes sending for help will they get to her in time or will she be lost in the sea of depression and misery forever?


3. chapter 3

Jade's POV
Jesy and Dallas picked me up and started carrying me back towards the house. when I realised what they were doing I started thrashing around trying to get their grips to loosen on me. "nooo please dont take me back there he'll beat me noo I didnt mean to run away I really didnt just please dont take me back to him!" I shouted. "who jade who will hurt you?" Dallas asked confused. "daddy. he'll hurt me he'll beat me and then ill run off and hurt myself." I said still trying to get away. without thinking I pulled the sleves of my jumper up. Jesy was the first to recover from the shock. "jade..." but before she could say anything else I took off running. I got back to Demi's house and ran to the front. I had the car keys in my hand. i opened the door climbed in put my seatbelt on and pulled out of Demi's driveway. I pulled up to a stop sign looked around it was clear. I made it about half way across the road before I saw lights in front of me. I couldn't move he was already too close for me to swerve out of the way for. I heard the sound of metal against metal. the last thing I heard and saw before the darkness over came me was Tulisa  Perrie Jesy Leigh and Demi's voices I saw Tulisa's face appear next to me and what I thought I heard "Jade stay with me you'll be okay. I love you we all love you. Jade please stay..." and with that the darkness took over.

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