Christmas Cat

Its about a cat named Paws who helps santa


2. Santa's Room

"Do you want to come in my room to sleep Paws"  " yea ok wait did you just say Paws how do you know my name"? "I know everybodyies name's" he said "wow thats amazing ". Well I'm Santa I have to " well come write in." Oh my gosh this is so cool. That night Paws wrote in her journal and this is what it said SANTAS ROOM WAS SO COOL IT HAD LIGHTS AND A HUGE BED IT ALSO HAD STREAMERS AND SOME KIND OF SOCKS HANGING FROM THE WALLS. He thought it was so cool. Santa had a bed just for her it had the name Paws on it. "Why does that had my name on it" well because we were expecting you". "What do you mean we" said Paws "well me my wife and the elfs." Oh" she said.


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