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Julissa is a girl who has struggled throughout her life. She gets bullied and the only one to defend her is her twin brother Jason. Her mom died when she was 4 and her dad just thinks abusing her is the solution to everything her twin brother tries to help her as much as he can. He tries to keep his dad away from her as much as he can because protecting his sister is all that he wants. Jason is a very popular boy but, julissa isn't. She can't take it anymore but, what happens when julissa meats a boy named Harry styles. Will he make her feel safe or will he treat her like any other person?


1. Introducing..... My Life(16+)

My life hasn't always been one of those perfect lives where all you have to worry about is yourself. My life is one of those lives where you have to worry about how you look because each day someone is going to find a way to insult you. My name is Julissa,i'm 16 years old and I have a really popular twin brother named Jason who tries to do everything to protect me but sometimes it's just to much for him. I have a father who abuses me for his entertainment. My mom died when I was 4 and since then my life has been a living hell.

Julissa's point of view:

" Jules wake up it's time for school!" shouted my twin brother Jason from downstairs. "ok I'll be there in a minute!" I replied back. School is my main problem right now I get bullied my brother Jason tries to defend me but i tell him I can defend my self. I don't know where my father is but, him abusing me is my daily routine. I was going down the stairs when a hand holds me back and I instantly knew it was my father. " where do you think your going without saying goodbye" he said in a nasty way. " please don't do this to me I can't

take it anymore." I said while my eyes slowly started tearing up. " I won't let  you go that easy" he said chuckling. He then started kissing my neck. I never enjoyed this I mean who would? He unbuttoned my shirt and started pecking at my boobs. I hope Jason knew what my father was doing cause if I screamed it would just get worst. He unbuttoned my pants and slowly entered me. It hurt and this was the worst part. I started crying and crying. " shut up or else that stupid brother of yours will come and it will only get worse for you."he said

Jason's pov:

whats taking her so much? I herd crying and whispering. I then realized she wasn't taking long she was just being held back. I quickly ran up the stairs and punched our father. " julissa lets go now!" I screamed " where do you think you're going I'm not done yet!" he said. " Im taking julissa to school this better stop or else I will call the cops and you know if I call them you will be sentenced 6 years in prison!" I ran out with julissa not letting him respond. We got into the car and drove to school. The car ride to school was quiet just like any other day.

Julissa's pov:

We slowly arrived at school the bell rang as soon as we got there which meant we only had 5 minutes to get to class. " I'm sorry again for making us late." I said. " it's not your fault it's that bastards fault now go to class ok." Jason kissed my forehead and I went to class. I got in my seat for first period and the teacher introduced a new student. " class we have a new student his name is Harry Styles, he will be seating next to you Julissa so,I would like it if you can help him with what we are doing?" the teacher stated. " umm, sure I'll be glad to." As he was walking down the aisle to his seat which was next to mine the students told him things about me like that I was a skank,slut,stupid,tramp,cunt, and many more things. I could feel my eyes getting watery but, I tried not to cry." hey I'm Harry as you already know." he chuckled "hi I'm Julissa." He had beautiful green eyes with brown curls that just swiftly moved. I thought he was perfect. He stared into my eyes and said " so what is it that we are doing?" 





Harry's pov: 

Julissa what a beautiful name she was just perfect. She had really long brown curly hair her lips were very pink and her eyes were light brown. To me it looked like she was crying but, what do I know I just got here. I tried to make a conversation with her but it would get awkward real quick.I wanted to know if she was crying ealier or if its just alleries because somehow it hurt and i think i really liked her.I decided to ask hoping this question wouldn't make it even more awkward." can I ask why it looks like you were crying?"


Author's note:

if you're reading this please tell me if I should continue let me know in the comments ok I will try to update as soon as possible so please let me know




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