this is a story of adultery, lies ,betrayal that may just end in death. will the truth really set you free or will you be "sleeping with the fishes". a preachers wife and a doctor involved in a taboo liaison. you know what they say what he doesn't know wont break his heart..remember what you do in the dark always come to light .


2. i wonder if...

             Matthew sat at his desk typing his sermon for church tomorrow he was the pastor at the dynamic baptist church in Charlotte north Carolina .DBC (dynamic baptist church) is one of the biggest churches i the area with just over 1000 members which is steadily growing.as he sat at his desk writing about why honesty is important he thought of his wife Olivia. they have been married for 9 years now and their anniversary was in a  few months . Matthew couldn't wait for Olivia to come home last night she called and said she was to tired to drive home. Olivia was a real estate agent which means she has to do a lot of traveling. Matthew didn't think anything of it last night but as he thinks she stays extra nights a lot these days and seems kind of distant, he thought i winder if..... no way my wife is faithful and would never do such a thing. he was getting confused so he decided to call his friend and pastor Logan. Logan answered on the first ring and said whats up my man nothing much just got a lot on my mind spill whats up i'm starting to think my wife is having an affair Olivia? having an affair yeah right Olivia is a good woman and would never cheat on you.why are you suspicious all of a sudden? well she stays extra nights at hotels and seems kind of distant are you kidding me shes probably just tired you guys should go on a vacation and dude you need to trust your wife's fidelity and since you can't prove anything give her the benefit of the doubt. yeah i hear you that's what i think i'm going to preach about tomorrow giving people the benefit of the doubt well i'm glad i would help give Olivia a hug for me will do do the same for Alexis much love bye. he hung up the phone and decided to go downstairs and have a drink.

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