over again ➳ [h.s. love story]

Lexi Fuentes is a senior in high school. She just broke up with her boyfriend and is still heartbroken. Jake has been there for Lexi no matter what. but, now he is in "love with her." Harry Styles moved to the US with his friends Zayn, Harry, Louis and Liam. But, there's one thing...they are apart of One Direction. The boys of One Direction are going to high school. But what happens when Harry's past catches up with him? Will Lexi save Harry? Will they both save each other? Read and find out :) Copyright © 2013 Kayla S.


31. To Get My Point Across.

Lexi's POV :)

        *next day*

        My eyes flutter open. I look around and take in my surroundings.

        Where the fuck was I?

        I was in a cold room, in nothing but a tank top and some shorts. There was only one source of light, which was the smallest ass ceiling light I have ever seen...


        Where was that dick?

        I can not wait to see him.

        I can't wait to kick his ass.

        Suddenly, the handle on the door started to turn.

        Here comes this bitch.

        The door opens slowly, and reveals Jake. He was smirking. I guess he thought he was funny.

                "I could slap that smirk off of your face ya know?" I said.

                Jake walked towards me and grabbed my face with his hands. I tried to get away, but he just squeezed my face even harder.

                "Now why would you do that Lex?" he said. "You're lucky that I didn't kill you last night."

                "Get your filthy ass hands off of me," I hissed.

                He started chuckling.

                "What's so fucking funny Jake?"

                "This." Then he raised his arm out in front of me and slapped me. Blood started to form in my mouth. I could taste it.

                "You. Did. Not. Just. Slap. Me."

                "Oh yes I did sweetheart," he said and then winked at me. He was right in front of my face right now.

                I spit on him. That's right. I SPIT on him and I don't regret it at all. Jake wiped the spit off of his face with disgust.

                "You little bitch," he said. Then he grabbed me by the throat. I started kicking and screaming at him. I tried punching him but I kept on missing. He threw me on the concrete and I hit the ground very hard. I felt my spine scream as I hit the concrete.

                "OW!" I yelped. A tear came out of the corner of my eye. My back felt like it was on fire. I tried to get up but, I couldn't. I laid there and looked up at the ceiling. Suddenly Jake kneeled down beside me and looked me straight in the eyes. His eyes were pure black. He aggressively grabbed my face and forced me to look at him. I tried to move my face but I couldn't. I just couldn't...

        "Now listen here you little bitch," he growled. "Don't you ever..I mean EVER talk to me that way ever again. Do you understand?"

        He looked at me with anger in his eyes. He wanted a response. Too bad he was going to be disappointed.

        "Fuck. You." I hissed at him.

        Suddenly I felt a blow to my stomach. I started to cough. I felt like my stomach had exploded. I was in so much pain.

        "Now do you fucking understand Lex?" he growled. I wanted him to stop hitting me. So I did the only thing that I knew would stop him.

        I nodded my head.

        "Good," he said. "Hopefully I won't have to beat your ass again to get my point across."

        Jake got up and started walking towards the door. He grabbed the door handle.

        "You know Harry won't let you get away with this," I painfully whispered. I was in so much pain.

        "I've got a plan for your little boyfriend Lex," he snickered. Then he opened the door and closed it behind him.

        And what exactly was his plan?

        I laid there on the floor with pain spreading all over my body. I tried to calm myself down, and I closed my eyes. I thought about me and Harry. Our first date. Our first kiss. What if I never got to see Harry again?

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