over again ➳ [h.s. love story]

Lexi Fuentes is a senior in high school. She just broke up with her boyfriend and is still heartbroken. Jake has been there for Lexi no matter what. but, now he is in "love with her." Harry Styles moved to the US with his friends Zayn, Harry, Louis and Liam. But, there's one thing...they are apart of One Direction. The boys of One Direction are going to high school. But what happens when Harry's past catches up with him? Will Lexi save Harry? Will they both save each other? Read and find out :) Copyright © 2013 Kayla S.


40. I Would Love to.

Harry's POV :)

     Jake threw me onto the ground right in front of Lexi.

     "Harry!" she screamed.

     "Shut the fuck up Lexi," he snapped.

     Jake walked right next to Lexi and grabbed her faces in his hands. He looked me in the eyes.

      "Now I get to do something that I've been wanting to do in front of you Harry," he said while smirking at me.

     He bent down and kissed her on the lips hungrily.

     No. Hell no.

     Jake has his eyes locked on me.

     Lexi was looking at me with eyes full of remorse and sadness.

     I can't speak.

     Jake stepped away from Lex breaking the kiss.

     "Well that was a nice kiss," Jake said while smiling at me and licking his lips.

     "You fucking son of a bitch!" I roared. "I will kill you. I WILL KILL YOU."

     "Do it," Jake said while standing in front of me.

     I grabbed Jake by his ankle and tried to pull him down.

     He fell backwards and hit the ground.

     He rolled over on his side and got back up.

     "Nice fucking try," he spat in my face.

     Then he kicked me in the stomach. He kept on kicking me and kicking me...

     I could hear Lex screaming.

     "STOP JAKE," she screamed. "STOP IT!"

     Jake didn't stop. He kept on kicking me.

     "Stop...please," Lex whimpered.

     Jake looked at her straight in the eyes and then stopped kicking me.

     Then he spit on me.

     "Punk ass," He said.

     Jake walked away from me and walked towards Lexi.

     "Now let's get on with this shall we?" he said.

     Jake stood right behind Lexi and grabbed her neck. Lex started making gagging noises.

     "Shut up or I'll squeeze tighter," he growled in her ear.

     Then Jake made direct eye contact with me.

    "See Harry," Jake said, "Lex is supposed to be in love with me. Don't you get it? But, I guess you don't. Clearly she isn't in love with me. She is in love with you. But see there's one problem Styles," he said. "If I can't have her, no one can. Not even you."

      No. No. No.

     It's happening all over again.

     It can't. It just can't.

     Jake reached into his pocket and grabbed something shiny.

     A knife.

     Jake moved the knife towards Lexi's face. He looked me straight in the eyes. His eyes weren't their usual color anymore. They were black. Pure black.

      Jake slowly pressed the knife onto Lexi's skin, and moved the blade down her cheek. He moved the knife in a straight line. She screamed in pain...

     Blood ran down her cheek.

     "Jake STOP!" I yelled.

    Jake moved the knife down to Lex's throat.


     He placed the blade on her neck and started pressing down.

     No, this is not about to happen all over again.

     She is not going to die.

     I will.

     "Jake stop..." I pleaded. "Kill me."

     Jake looked at me in the eyes. I nodded my head at him.

     "Just kill me."

     Jake dropped the knife and it hit the ground.

     He started walking towards me.

     As he started getting closer to me, his facial expression changed.

     He had a sinister grin on his face.

      "Why yes," he hissed. "I would fucking love to."

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