Grace was stuck. With no way out. She was captured a year ago by some man that wore a mask. She knew they were coming for her. They always would. It was only a matter of time. For now though she only had her memories of them to keep her sane. She just hoped they would save her soon.


8. Prank

Louie's POW(still in the past)

After Grace's small fiasco I asked the boys if they wanted to sleep over. They all agreed and we decided to do something fun but potentially dangerous. Pull a prank on Grace. I say that this is dangerous because it is. The last time we did this she retaliated by putting gorilla glue on my entire drive way when she knew we wouldn't be home. There we were goofing off walking down the street when we reached my house. We started walking down the drive way when we found that we couldn't move. So we did the only logical thing we could think of...take off our shirt to put over the glue so we could walk on them. Sense our shoes were stuck on the drive way we had to take them off. The problem was that it seemed like our socks were glued to our shoes too. So we tried harder to take our shoes off. Of course it didn't work so we ended up with our butts glued to the driveway looking like fools with no shirts on. And there Grace was. Her gorgeous self kneeling over laughing at us. She took a picture of us like that. I framed it and put it in my bedroom.

"So what do you lads want to do to her." I asked them.

"How about be fork her front lawn?" Harry said.

"Nah. She'll just make us clean it up." Liam replied.

"What if we die her hair pink?" Niall exclaimed.

"That a good one but she would literally kill us. You never touch a girls hair." Zayn replied.

Ohhhhhh I got the perfect thing. " how about we...."

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