Grace was stuck. With no way out. She was captured a year ago by some man that wore a mask. She knew they were coming for her. They always would. It was only a matter of time. For now though she only had her memories of them to keep her sane. She just hoped they would save her soon.


2. Pig

As I sat in that dark dark basement all I could think about was the time before. I had a happy life full of love before all of this had happened. I had all I could ever need; a loving family and the best friends a girl could ever ask for. My friends were always there for me, never let me down, and always protected me. Except for the one time I needed them most but that was my fault. I ran away. I had known the guys forever and would have done anything for them. They would have done anything for me.


It was the first day of kindergarten. Everybody was outside on the playground. I was on the swings minding my own business when some jerk came up to me and started to pull on my pig tails.

"Are you a pig Grace? Is that why your Mommy put your hair into piggy tails?"

"No. My Mommy said it looks cute!!!"

"I bet she just said that to make you feel better about looking like a farm animal! Your pigtail look ugly!"

"Oh your just upset because you look like something a cow pooped on!"

Suddenly I felt five people come up behind me. I turned around and there were the five most popular kindergarteners in my class. It was Nial, Liam, Harry, Zayn, and Louis. Suddenly the jerk, Josh as I later came to find out, shouted out,

"Hey. That was mean!"

"Hey is for horses, Josh. Maybe you are really a farm animal," said Liam.

"Maybe if you were nicer to people God would have given you a prettier face. Not one that actually does look like a pig," said Zayn.

"Maybe if you stopped eating Nando's so much you wouldn't be round like a pig either," said Nial.

"You even snort when you laugh, Josh. Just like a pig would," exclaimed Harry.

"Do you like carrots Josh?" Said Louis

"Yah I guess so."

"That's a horses favorite snack! Maybe your a horse not a pig!"

And with that off Josh ran crying as hard as he could. That might of been my favorite day. Not because Josh got what he deserved but because that was the day I meet my best friends.

End of Flashback

I had I smile on my face after I thought about that. Suddenly I heard the stairs creek and the smile slid off my face . Oh no! He was coming! I guess I should prepare myself for some pain.

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