Grace was stuck. With no way out. She was captured a year ago by some man that wore a mask. She knew they were coming for her. They always would. It was only a matter of time. For now though she only had her memories of them to keep her sane. She just hoped they would save her soon.


6. Girls night

When I woke up i felt mind numbing pain. Pain from the cuts and bruises he left on me. I could still feel the blood pooled around my body as I lay on the cold, hard ground. I guess he has yet to clean me up. As I thought about this, I began missing my friends. Not just the boys, but my closest girlfriends.


"Hurry up mom!!! I'm gonna be late!" I shouted up the stairs. I was excited to get to Lauren's house. We hadn't had a sleepover in ages. Plus, it was her birthday so I knew we would have even more fun then usual.

"Hold you're horses Grace. We will get there when we get there." My mom said in an exasperated voice. "Do you have everything? Clothes, toiletries, hairbrush, socks, Lauren's present?"

"Oh crap! I nearly forgot! Thank you sooo much! It would have been bad if I forgot the present." I got her a signed copy of The Mortal Instruments books and something special for us and our other best friend, Lexie. I quickly ran up to my room and got the prettily wrapped presents.

When I got back down I saw my mom had already taken her keys and went to the car. I quickly hurried out the door to catch up with her. I was going so fast that I tripped and fell. Dropping all of my stuff and scuffing up my hands in the process. Almost immediately I herd someone say,

"Hey! Grace! Are you alright." I looked up and gave a small smile to my neighbor.

"Yah Lou, I'm fine. Just a little scuffed up." I said, touched by his concern.

"Come on Grace let's go inside and get you cleaned up."

"I can't I have to get to Lauren's house. I'm already late." I said while I stood up and started to gather up my stuff. Gross! I was getting blood all over my bags.

"Here," Louis said, "let me get that at least." He said, grabbing all my stuff from me and and walking towards my moms car. "Hey Mrs. Peters. How are you?" He asked politely and placing my stuff in the back of the car. I quickly hopped in the car and said,

"Oh no Louis. You get her talking and she's never gonna stop."

"Grace!" My mom quickly yelled. "That's rude."

"Well it's true!" I quickly yelled back. Louis just walked away laughing. My mom pulled out of the driveway and I thanked God. We were already ten minutes late. I texted Lauren and told her I was on my way.


When we pulled up to the her house I quickly got out and grabbed my stuff. I yelled a bye to my mom. She stayed in the car because like I said she never stops talking. Especially when she's talking to Mrs. Smith. I hurried up to the door because I was excited. Before I could even ring the door bell the door swung wide open.

"Grace!" Lauren yelled with Lexie standing behind her.

"Happy fourteenth birthday La." I yelled back excitedly.

"Thank you!!!" She shouted giving me a hug. I handed her her present and stepped inside. Then I gave Lexie a huge hug. This is just how we always are. Very crazy to say the least. After that the night flew by. We did all of the sleepover/birthday party things. We watched movies (mostly little kid ones. It's our thing.), played games and ate cake. Then it was time to open presents. Lauren opened Lexie's present to her first. It was a gift set of one of our favorite movies, the Swan Princess, and an adorable outfit of a cute purple top and jean shorts. You should have seen Lauren's delight at her outfit. Then it was time for her to open up her present from me. When she saw what it was she screamed at the top of her lungs.

"Omg! This is soo awesome!!! It's signed by the whole cast and Cassandra Clare! Thank you so much!" I was so happy that she liked it.

"That's not all I got you." I told her. " I also got you this. But it's for Lexie and I too." She opened up the package and saw what was inside. On delicate chains were three hearts. On them each was a letter. One had a B on it for best. That one she kept for herself. The next had a F on it for friends. That one she handed to Lexie. The last one has another F on it for forever. She passed that one to me. I know it was cheesy but who doesn't love cheesy every once in a while. When they saw them they both had tears in their eyes.


Late at night that night we were talking about a lot of things but the topic we kept coming back to was boys. The thing about Lauren was that she had a huge crush on one of my beat friends. Harry. I thought it was totally cute but she thought it was really embarrassing. They would make the cutest cupel because they both have curly hair. And I had a secret that I was dying to tell Lauren, but knew I couldn't. Harry liked her too.

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