Fate of the Unknown

Fate of the Unknown
Kingdom Hearts AU Romance/Adventure
Isa/OC - Saix/OC
Pairing may seem strange, but you'll get it
Feel free to make any suggestions and correct me if I got anything wrong, I'm trying to make it as accurate a story as I possibly can!


1. Prolog

Emika felt the car begin to slow, finally pulling to a stop in front of a large house. She was in the much older side of town, but this section, a bit further from the rest if the homes, was the newest development. This place had been destined to become a suburb housing community for three years, and this house was the shining star among them. Currently, the finishing touches, such as décor, were being added to the house, but seeing as how the house could already be lived in, Emika had mad arrangements with a... business partner of sorts. This... Organization, as they called themselves, had piqued her interest and she decided it was best she keep an eye on them. She knew little about them aside from a single rumor; they were all like her.

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