Stronger {Punk Z.M} [On Hold]

He's a player,gets with every girl he meets. If he's pissed at you, you're dead. Everyone thinks he's the toughest guy around but he's broken that's why he's the way he is. All he needs is someone he can depend on, someone who actually cares about him. Someone to help him stay strong.


1. Chapter 1


I walked into the party and the smell of alcohol filled my lungs. I looked around to see if there were any new girls I hadn't been with. A guy gave me a red cup and I headed out to the back where there were less people. I drank some of the liquid and I saw the familiar curly hair and I walked over to him.

"Hey Harry" I said as I walked up behind him

"Hey Zayn, I knew you wouldn't miss the party!" he said

I walked towards a brunette girl and I put my arms around her waist. She must've been new because I didn't remember her and she clearly didn't remember me.

"Hey babe" I slurred

"Ugh who are you!?" She said as she slapped me

"Bitch" I said and walked away

Girls never deny me its not like I tried to take her upstairs with me, even though that would have happened. Whatever I know any other girl is gonna want me.



Some creep put his arms around me like he owns me or something and then he calls me a bitch! I knew I shouldn't have come here but for some reason Jenn wanted to come. Of course she left me alone in this huge house. I don't drink,I'm only nineteen yet whenever someone sees me without a cup they hand me one. I tried to find Jenn but there were way to many people and barely any room to walk.

People kept giving me weird looks because I didn't have slutty clothes most girls were wearing.

"Hey you don't want a drink?" the blond haired boy with many tattoos said

"No I'm ok, I'm looking for my friend Jenn do you know her?" I said still scanning the room to see if she was here

"Yeah, she's with Harry, come on." he told me

"I'm Niall by the way and you are?" he said while taking me to where Jenn was

"I'm Lacey" I said

He took me out to the back where his friends were leaning against a fence. The boy who I assumed was Harry had his arm around her shoulders. I was confused why she hadn't told me about him, she obviously likes him.

When we were walking over to them I saw someone who looked familiar. As we got closer I noticed it was that guy who I had slapped, he had found some other girl with black and blue hair. I wanted to run back inside, I didn't want to be anywhere near him.

He stopped laughing and scowled when he saw me.

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