A girl who was brought to this world. Hoping to find herself, looking for something or someone to help her. What was she looking for? Was she confused or was she looking for someone to put her trust in? She couldn't really put her finger on it until she ran into someone who changed her life completely.


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I walked down the hallway with my cousin, talking about random shit.

"Mhm" she sniffs. Why the hell is she sniffing? "What are you doing?"

"Someone smells good...like I dunno but they smell nice." Right when I was about to call her weird, the guy in front of us holding the lacrosse bag, turns around.

"Thanks" he simply says and walked into the classroom.

My heart was beating a million miles a minute. His face, it seemed soft and touchable, his brown eyes reminded me of melted chocolate. And his hair, I could just run my fingers through it and play with it all day.

We walked into the classroom and saw he was talking to Ms. Lynnsey.

What do I do? Should I act normal? Well no one is normal in this world, not even Adam & Eve were when they ate the fruit from the Tree of Good & Evil, but it still didn't stop me from trying.

*Author's Note

Hey guys, here's my FIRST time publishing something on Movella!

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Thanks love you guys!


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