Can He Honestly Change?

Anna West was the good girl. Never got in trouble, never did anything wrong...That is until she met Zayn.

Zayn Malik. 1/5 of One Direction, Boxer, and Bad Boy. Zayn had failed a year so was now a grade above Anna instead of two.

The thing is Anna had left due to problems she was having at home. Zayn had actually had his eyes on Anna before she left, but lost his chance, but now she's back. She is still the same old good girl, only thing that changed is her hair color which actually often changes and she got her Cartilage pierced, that's it.

Zayn was know as the player also. Every girl wants him, except Anna. She knows of Zayn's reputation and refuses to be apart of that. This shy, innocent, and caring girl hadn't realized that this guy was slowing falling for her and he was slowly changing her.

Anna eventually realizes that there's good in this guy. She knows he can be a better guy than what he is! Zayn though has a problem with showing emotion. He may say he loves someone, but ca


1. The Return

-Anna's P.O.V-

Monday mornings are always the worst. You ask why? I think we all know why. Mondays are the worst because, one, it's the start of the week. Two, there's five school days. Three, IT'S FUCKING MONDAY!

It was my first day back at Waterstone High School, since I've been gone. I left about a year and a half ago due to problems I was having at home. My mom was a stripper to make extra cash and to get free drinks. My dad and brother abused me and drank every night so I had to go live with my Aunt Elizabeth.

My Aunt and I moved back to Bradford so I can start back at Waterstone. I'm American since my parents are American, but their families have lived here in Bradford for generations and since ancestors. I was currently doing my make up after straightening my brunette and purple hair. The bottom layer of my hair is purple while the top layer is Brunette.

I was wearing some Mint green skinny jeans, black leather high heeled ankle boots, a black leather sleeveless jacket with golden spikes on the collar, and a while crop top that read 'Forever Summer' with a black tank-top underneath. I sprayed some warm vanilla sugar perfume on then hopped down the stairs. I grabbed my keys then headed off to school.

My aunt was gone into work early so I left and headed to Starbucks to get some coffee. I grabbed a Caramel Creme coffee then headed to school.

-Zayn's P.O.V-

I was already at school and sitting on the stairs waiting for my crew. My Raven black hair in its usual Quiff.

I was wearing some black skinny jeans, a white T-Shirt, and some white high-tops. My brown eyes scan the crowd as people start pulling up. The same old people and same old idiots. My eyes started to just look for my crew until I saw a familiar face. The girl I fancied the most before she left. Anna west.

She didn't change a bit. Well, maybe a little. Her old brunette hair was now brunette and purple. I could tell she got her cartilage pierced on the right side. Her light blue eyes never lost that sparkle they use to have. I felt my breath hitch as she walked to the steps.

-No ones P.O.V. (Third Person P.O.V)-

Anna was walking up the stairs and to her locker. The young girl smiles softly and pushes her hair back slightly before putting the combination in. She opens it and started working on it when she heard a noise from behind her. Her eyebrow raises in curiosity as she heard it again. Next thing she knew, in one swift motion, her locker had shut, her back was against the lockers, and a familiar face was in front of hers.

"Do you remember me...?" The Bradford accent asked.

Authors note!: So sorry it short guys! I wanted to start a new story and get something up! Please give feedback, ideas, and suggestions! The chapters WILL GET LONGER:)! Xoxo- Anna

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