Nine Lives

Dawn Cooper has always been the one to protect her family. But when Daryl Dixon steps into her life, will she let him protect her? Read this Walking Dead/ Daryl Dixon Fanfiction to follow the zombie apocalypse as seen by Dawn Cooper.


1. Prologue

Hello all my lovely readers! I do not own any of the rights to AMC's The Walking Dead whatsoever. This is just the product of my imagination 😄 Hope you guys like it😘


~Nine Lives~


Has it ever occurred to you how precious your life is? You just assume you'll live forever, that nothing will ever change. Then when you're least expecting it, BOOM! Out of nowhere reality hits you like a freight train. Nobody lives forever. I figured that out when I was seven. My gran was sick for a long time, then one rainy day in April she passed away. I asked my mum how come gran didn't just use up one of her "nine lives" like our cat Mittens. Mother explained to me that unlike cats, humans only have one life to live, and to be happy for gran. She had lived a good one.

Now eighteen years later, as I stand in between everything I love... Everything I will ever love, and my gruesome demise his face plants itself into my mind. God. I'm never going to see him again. Never again going to feel his strong arms around me. Never again going to smell his distinctive sweet scent. Never again going taste his lips on mine. Never again going to hear his rough voice call my name.

Wiping a tear from my flushed cheek my mindset changes. I should suffer, I've caused so much pain in the last year. To the group, my family, and most of all to the man I love more than life itself. I only hope he can find it in his heart to forgive me. Maybe it'll be easier when I'm dead. But frankly the only one who is broken, damaged beyond repair is... Me.

So as the oncoming threat proceeds foreword my thoughts shift back to that rainy April day when I was seven.

Nine Lives?

I wish.

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