Nine Lives

Dawn Cooper has always been the one to protect her family. But when Daryl Dixon steps into her life, will she let him protect her? Read this Walking Dead/ Daryl Dixon Fanfiction to follow the zombie apocalypse as seen by Dawn Cooper.


9. Chapter 8: The Ambush

Chapter 8 : The Ambush

Hershel was right it was a tight fit. There were only four seats in the seemingly huge car, which were occupied by Michonne, Bob, Tyreese, and Daryl. Because of the lack of seats I had to sit, more like kneel, in between the front and back seats. Leaning my arms on the median separating Daryl who was driving, and Michonne in the passenger seat. We were headed to the nearest veterinarian college, which was at least ten miles away. Joy.

"Hey, I know you weren't running off. The thing is, that trail went cold... You know that right?" Daryl held the steering wheel with one hand, talking to Michonne. I was already in an awkward position physically, do I felt even more uncomfortable trying to lean into their otherwise private conversation.

"If it was any different, I'd be right out there with you."

At this Michonne gave Daryl a look that was impossible to decode. She was good at hiding her emotions, her face held the same expression twenty-four seven. I couldn't help feel a little bit jealous at this remark. Daryl was nothing special, a ordinary, smart ass, redneck. But at the same time he was anything but ordinary. Talking to me the way he did when Alice died, was something I couldn't shake from my mind, although he had been nothing but rude to me since. Leaning over the dash board, eyes off the road, Daryl tuned the dials of the car's radio as if he going station surfing.

"Would you hand me one of them CD's right there?" Michonne reached down and brought out a black CD case filled with a treasure trove of plastic disks. But before she could hand them over, something stopped her.

"...find sanctuary."

"Was that a voice?" Bob asked from behind me. Daryl shushed him and turned the radio up.

"...determined to survive..."

The dial turned from stations 96.9 to 97.1 as it continued.

"...keep alive."

Everyone was so entranced with this new voice that they weren't paying attention to what lay ahead of us.

"DARYL!" I screamed looking up to see us heading right towards a walker in our path.

He grunted, violently swerving left just to avoid it. All he'll broke loose as he swerved right left, barley avoiding the geeks until suddenly one met the car's right headlight, sending it flying.

We held on tight to whatever we could, me especially, since I didn't have an actual seatbelt. The ride suddenly screeched to a stop. What I saw next made my head spin. As the car awaited it's fate, everyone held their breath as hundreds, thousands of undead corpses limped our way.

No one could see the world outside of the automobile. They were completely covered with the rotting sunken faces of the walkers. Only inches of glass and metal separated us from certain death.

"Grab something!" Daryl finally yelled to us.

"What?" I yelled, but it was too late, Daryl was already putting the car into reverse and was backing up, flattening the undead as he went.

Soon the car was stuck above mangled, bloody walker bodies.

"Go to the left!" Michonne ordered him but the wheels wouldn't budge.

"We're jammed up!" Daryl shouted.

"Make a run for the gaps right there."

"You two, you make a run for the woods and you don't stop for nothin', you hear me?" He told Tyreese and Bob.

When he turned to me, I was clutching the back of his seat as if we were still in motion.

"Dawn you come with me!" I barley had time to process what he wanted all of us to do before he pushed the sunroof open and yelled,


Michonne opened her side door and ran out. Daryl popped out of the sunroof and launched a single arrow at the creeps below us. Swinging his feet over, he held out his hand to help me up. This probably the nicest gesture I'd ever gotten from Daryl Dixon since our little discussion. But now was defiantly not the time to make that known.

"Move!" Daryl yelled at me, and I followed him, clutching my gun, down the front of the car.

My senses heightened jut like they had hundreds of times outside of the prison. Grabbing my hunting knife from inside my boot, I sink it into the nearest walker skull, following closely behind Daryl. He swung his crossbow around himself, slashing another in the face. We ducked and swerved in and out of the crowd of bodies, barely missing their grip. Finally making it to the clearing where Michonne stood already with her katana in hand.

Daryl continued to launch arrow after arrow at oncoming threats while I "rekilled" the closer ones. Soon Bob joined the group, but without Tyreese.

"Come on." Daryl pushed everyone into the woods before I could catch a peek at Tyreese's position. Some stray walkers pounced out from behind the many trees like children who had been found during a game if hide 'n' seek, only to be shot, stabbed, or sliced in half. Even though we were clearly out of reach danger, I followed closely behind Daryl.

"Hold up."

We had stopped but only for a moment when we saw the bushes behind is rustle. A few walkers trudged out of the sticks and leafs, but only had seconds longer to live as Tyreese broke through the brush and hammered their skulls in. Collapsing from exhaustion, Ty lay on the ground like a rag doll that had been swung around too many times.

"Let's go." I said picking him up by the arm. We all helped him up and out of the area, with Zach's car abandoned, surrounded by drooling freaks. We'd have to walk the rest of the way. Joy.

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