Nine Lives

Dawn Cooper has always been the one to protect her family. But when Daryl Dixon steps into her life, will she let him protect her? Read this Walking Dead/ Daryl Dixon Fanfiction to follow the zombie apocalypse as seen by Dawn Cooper.


7. Chapter 6: Count on Me

Chapter 6 : Count on Me

"Somebody dragged 'em out here! And set 'em on fire!"

My heart raced at the sound of Tyreese's low voice. I had followed Rick and Daryl deep into the tombs even after Rick specifically told me not to. Once or twice they had ran out of my sight so eventually I was a good

distance behind them.

Now as I came down the hallway one thing caught my attention. Two bloody, narrow, streaks covered most of the floor. Following the lines, I came to a solid metal door that lead to the outside court yard. Tyreese's voice boomed again, this time it came from just outside the door,

"They killed 'em and set 'em on fire!"

Pressing myself against the glass window I observed a gruesome scene. A pair of gasoline tanks laid on their sides, empty. Next to the tanks lay the heart of the conflict. Two twin blackened bodies, were scattered helpless on the ground. Pink fleshy spots splashed across the dark ones. They were so badly burned one could not tell if they were female, or male. The most ghastly part was the bloody drag marks that I had seen just seconds before, leading to the bodies.

Tyreese stood over the charred remnants like a madman. Daryl, Rick, and surprisingly Carol made a triangle behind him. I held my breath waiting to see what would happen next. The burly man now faced Rick, and exclaimed,

"You a cop." Daryl stood behind him, ready to pounce the second he laid a hand on Rick.

But Tyreese continued, taking no notice to the redneck.

"You find out who did this and you bring 'em to me you understand?"

Grimes' head tilted in a slight nod.

"YOU BRING 'EM TO ME!" Tyreese shouted making Carol jump. Daryl attempted to grab Ty's shoulder,

"Man we'll find out who-" But the bulky erratic man pushed his hand aside.

"I need to say it again?" He asked Rick, moving foreword.

"No. No, I know what your feeling, I've been there, you saw me there. It's dangerous-"

"Karen didn't deserve this!" Tyreese interrupted.

"David didn't deserve it, nobody does!"

Again, Daryl tried to calm Ty down. But all at once, like a snapshot, Ty spun around and slammed Daryl against one of the barred doors.

I'm not exactly sure what made my feet move at that moment, maybe it was my own adrenaline coursing through my veins, but I suddenly found myself in the court area.

"Stop!" Rick barely had enough time to react and grab me by the waist.

As I struggled to break free, Daryl raised his left hand, which seemed to say "stay back, I got this." This kept me back, although none of us relaxed.

The moment was suspended in time, nobody moved, and the only sound that could be heard was Ty and Daryl's heavy breathing.

Finally Daryl spoke,

"We're on the same side man."

At this Rick released my waist but was replaced by Carol, who's hands loomed over my shoulders.

"Hey look, I know what your going through, We've all lost someone."

"We know what you're going through right now." Rick repeated.

"But you gotta calm down."

That did it, and Rick knew it. As soon as the words left his lips Ty crashed into him like a freight train. Carol attempted to break up the fight with a desperate "NO!" Which seemed to work for a second.

"She wouldn't want you being like this!" Tyreese's fist collided with Rick's face.

"No!" I screamed lunging towards the pair.

"Stop it! Just stop it!" I exclaimed as Ty punched the man once more.

Daryl finally took the free opportunity and grabbed Ty from behind, grunting at the strain he had to go through to keep the burly man from moving.

Blood trickled down Rick's tanned face which merged into his salt and pepper beard. No one expected it when he took a swing at his aggressor, making Ty fall to the ground.

"Rick!" Carol screamed as he kicked in Ty's ribs.

"Rick." Daryl warned sternly whilst Rick got in more blows to Ty's face.

Finally Daryl took Rick by the shirt and tried to heave him off.

"LET GO OF ME!" He protested but the muscular redneck denied him each time.

Carol and I stood aside, unable to help, and horrified at what we just witnessed. Finally Daryl released Rick after his third protest. Poor Tyreese lay on the ground, his own blood surrounded his face, sobbing. I stood frozen, unable to move, as Rick examined his hand. It was thickly covered in the black man's crimson blood.

"Rick told you to stay put."

Daryl said later as I patched up one of his cuts. He had insisted that he was okay and that he 'didn't need some bitch to play nurse with him.' I pretended like this hadn't offended me, although it cut deep, again I'm not sure why. I barley knew this man, let alone cherished his opinion about me. But I persisted and eventually he caved.

"Well I didn't, and you're just going to have to accept that."

He snorted at my remark.

"I had to I something." I said smoothing out the band-aid on his forehead.

"Hershel's fixing up Rick, Doctor S is looking after everyone in Cell Block D, I'm the next in line. Besides you helped me once... This is my way of saying thanks."

At first it looked like he was going to make a snarky comment, but suddenly his features softened,

"I can take care of myself, always have, always will."

We stayed silent for the next minute or two while I put away the first aid kit. When I turned around, I saw him walk out of the room, down the hall towards the steal stairs that lead to the bottom row of cells.

"You're not even gonna say thanks?" I yelled crossing my arms.

"For one bandage and covering your ass back there? No way." Daryl said slinging his crossbow over his shoulder.

The anger welled inside of me. I had just patched up that ungrateful redneck and probably kept Ty from beating the shit out of him.

"You know something Daryl Dixon?" I yelled half jokingly half serious,

"You're a real piece of shit!"

My voice echoed through the block, causing a few glances from the people below me, and one amused laugh from the somewhat cold hearted redneck.

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