Nine Lives

Dawn Cooper has always been the one to protect her family. But when Daryl Dixon steps into her life, will she let him protect her? Read this Walking Dead/ Daryl Dixon Fanfiction to follow the zombie apocalypse as seen by Dawn Cooper.


4. Chapter 3: Home

Chapter 3: Home

"Carl! Open the gate!" Rick yelled, leaning out of the Honda's dusty side window. It seemed like hundreds of walkers swarmed the vehicle at the sound of the Georgian's deep southern voice. Alice and I, bandanas covering our mouths, sat in the back while Rick waited on whoever "Carl" was to open the gates. Daryl, keeping true to his 'loner' personality, rode separately on his roaring motorcycle, leaving trails of billowing dust behind him. Finally after thirty agonizing seconds filled with the sound of throaty moans, the gates were opened by a dark haired boy who looked around thirteen or fourteen.

Now most of the windows in the car were purposefully darkened, leaving most of the journey up to my imagination. So what I saw next as I stepped out onto the gravel was breathtaking ( that is if one hasn't seen anything bigger than a two story house in six months).

"It's a prison. A fucking prison." Alice exclaimed taking the words right out of my mouth. To say it was big would have to be the understatement of the year. The place was GIGANTIC! Twin guard towers stood tall against the backdrop of the setting sun. Twenty-foot tall metal gates snaked around the entire perimeter, while in the center of the grassy field was a garden. A make-shift garden filled with every kind of vegetable imaginable; tomatoes, green beans, potatoes, carrots, beets, lettuce, and even more. I was so enticed by the sight of fresh food I didn't hear the group of beings sneak up behind me.

"Hello." My heart immediately flipped inside my chest at the sound of the little voice.

"Oh my gosh. Sorry I didn't mean to startle you."

"It's fine. In fine." I say brushing a bit of hair out my eyes and turning to face five children who all looked to be younger than sixteen.

"Are you new here?" the little girl who had spoken earlier asked.

"Yeah, me and my sister Al- ... well actually I'm sure where she is." I say scanning the area frantically for my baby sister.

"Is she blonde? Kinda tan?" Asked one of the boys.

"Yes, have you seen her?"

"I think Rick took her to Block D." chirped another little girl that was just a tad but older than the first.

"Oh good thanks!" I say turning to go find my sister when suddenly it hits me.

"You wouldn't know where that is would you?" I ask a little embarrassed.

"I do!" The same boy that spoke earlier exclaimed.

"I'll take you!"

Before I can thank the others for their help, I'm whisked away by the dark haired boy who looks to be around Alice's age. Leading me down dark hallways, I wonder how someone could ever remember the intricate twists and turns of the gloomy prison. At one point I'm sure that we are lost. But sure enough he stops right in front of a door that has the words "Cell Block D" printed across in bold black letters.

"She should be in there, just knock and they'll let you in."

"Thanks..." I'm at a loss for his name, but he quickly replies,pushing up the glasses that frame his face,


"Thanks Patrick, I'm Dawn."

"Nice to meet you Dawn...well I'd better get back to the others. We were supposed to play a quick game of soccer before story time."

"Well I don't want to keep you waiting, thanks again." I say pushing the door to my new door open. An echoed "you're welcome!" Can be heard as my new friend sprints down the dreary hallways of the prison.

"He's nice." I say to no one in particular, too lost in my thoughts to remember to knock.

It didn't take long to find Alice. Her high pitched voice could be heard a mile away, as she chatted up our new neighbors. Rick had given us a small cell next to the bathroom, which I thought was nice of him.

"Can I take the top bunk? I've kinda forgotten what it feels like to sleep in a bunk." Alice says twirling her golden locks around her finger.

A small smile stretches across my face as I punch her arm playfully,

"Sure sis. Should I see if Rick has a teddy bear you can use too?"

"Oh you wanna play that game hm?" She smiled evilly.

"Don't make me bring up your blanky's name ."

"No. Don't you dare Alice." I warn.

"MR. SNUGGLEKINS!" Alice can hardly get the last syllable out before she erupts in a fit if giggles.


"Too old to have a blanket called "mr. Sugglekins" if you ask me."

"Alright NOW you're dead." I say tackling her to the ground.

"No don't Dawn!" She screams as I reach to tickle her.

"Promise you'll never mention it's name again!"

"Okay! I PROMISE! Just get off me!" She giggles.

I cease my tickle torture and stand up, helping Alice up, only to my horror to see Rick and a talk ran woman standing in the doorway of our cell.

"I see you two are making the best of your new home." He says with the slightest smile.

I blush,

"Yeah, oh um thanks Rick... For giving us a place to stay. I don't know where we'd be if it weren't for you and Daryl finding us in the woods."

"Well you're welcome. We could always use the extra help around here... And people are the best defense against walkers."

An awkward silence filled up the room for a moment before he continued,

"This is Skyler. She can help you with any problems you have." "She'll also be assigning weekly choirs for everyone."

The woman's blue eyes seemed to sparkle as she spoke,

"Hi, like Rick said I'm Skyler. If you need anything I'm parked two doors down to your right. Just holler, I'll hear you."

"Thanks." I reply smiling.

"Well we'll let you two get settled, big day tomorrow!"

"What's tomorrow?" Alice asks eyebrow cocked.

Skyler exclaimed, "Laundry day!" She winked.

"Bye!" Alice waved as Rick led Skyler back into the cell block.

"I like that Skyler woman. She's really nice." Alice said an hour later as we got ready for bed.

"Me too. She's... What's the word I'm looking for..."


"Ya that." I smile.

"Well we better get to bed. We have a "big" day tomorrow."

"Right!" Alice giggles, "Night Dawn."

"Night Alice." I say, but I don't close my eyes right away. Someone in the cell block was having some sort of a coughing attack, which was unfortunately my ideal sound to fall asleep to. It was so loud and violent, I almost decided to go see what was the matter. But suddenly all was quite, as if the mysterious cougher had ceased to exist. Deciding to forget it, I let my thoughts drift around in my mind a bit. We had done it. Found a place where we could close our eyes at night and not worry about some outside force coming and chomping our heads off. If someone had told me this morning that I'd be sleeping in an actual bed tonight, I would have shot them dead right there and then. Now as I lay here safe and warm for the first time in six months, I don't even care that I'm in a bloody gloomy jail cell. It's my home now, and that's good enough for me.

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