Nine Lives

Dawn Cooper has always been the one to protect her family. But when Daryl Dixon steps into her life, will she let him protect her? Read this Walking Dead/ Daryl Dixon Fanfiction to follow the zombie apocalypse as seen by Dawn Cooper.


15. Chapter 14: I'm Coming Home

Chapter 14- I'm Coming Home

The rest of the way home was nothing to brag about. Awkward car rides usually aren't. So I won't bore you with the details. Pulling up to the prison was a relief to everyone. It was only until the double blood stained gates closed behind our beaten up mini van that I finally exhaled.

"Sasha? How's Sasha?" Tyreese quickly questioned as he leaped out of the car. Rick stood sweating and exhausted near the amo carts,

"I don't know. I'm sorry."

"Well, get in there." Daryl told him.

"We got this."

Ty didn't waste time, almost galloping towards the prison's side entrance.

Now that we were back with the medicine, I finally allowed my mind to find it's way back to Daryl and I's conversation.

I hated myself for even trying to flirt with him. I should be focused on helping out, or how many lake baths I've taken, or oh I don't know, how not to get devoured by your everyday dead person. But no matter how hard I tried, my mind always connected back to the crossbow shooting redneck.

In the end I found myself by the group's make shift "cemetery" talking to Annie about my problem.

"You saw him, he's not too shabby looking...I bet he looked even better before the apocalypse. Plus his arms..." I raised my eyebrows in seductive manner. Picturing the look Annie would have given me made me giggle.

"But it isn't just his looks, I know he's not the talkative type, but it's what he doesn't say that's interesting. Beneath all of that anger, and silence, there's Daryl."

The Daryl who sat with me-" I paused, this time not holding back the tears that flowed steadily down my face.

"When you died."

I couldn't form any words after that, but I found comfort in the silence. I placed my hand on the wooden cross Carl had crafted that marked Annie's grave.

"I miss you Ann."

"I don't know... I don't know how much longer I can do this."

"Well look who decided to come in."

"Hey Hershel." I said walking up and hugging the old man.

"You alright sweetheart?"

"I'm fine...just went to see Annie."

It was still hard to say her name around others. I knew they all remembered my little panic attack I had the day she died.

"She's with The Lord now Dawn. She's watching over you."

I still wasn't sure if I believed all that religious stuff, but if there was somewhere you went after death, I hoped Annie was there.

"Thanks Hershel."

He smiled before replying,

"Anytime Dawny. Now you go get some rest. I need ya out there in the field with Rick tomorrow."

"Yes sir."

We shared a smile and went our separate ways. Little did I know our paths would never cross again.

Thanks to everyone who has read this fanfic so far! I'd love to hear what you think! Comment if you like the fanfic so far I love hearing from you guys!

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