Nine Lives

Dawn Cooper has always been the one to protect her family. But when Daryl Dixon steps into her life, will she let him protect her? Read this Walking Dead/ Daryl Dixon Fanfiction to follow the zombie apocalypse as seen by Dawn Cooper.


13. Chapter 12: Liar Liar

Chapter 12- Liar Liar

Lying is bad. Or so we're told. Constantly. From birth. "Honesty is the best policy." "The truth will set you free." "I chopped down the cherry tree." Whatever.

"Earth to Dawn!" Bob's voice echoed through my thoughts and finally completely shook me out of them.

"Huh? Oh sorry I was um...thinking."

"WOW." Bob's eyes widened to about the size of his ego. "Thinking huh..." He paused and I could almost hear the sarcastic comment begging to be uttered, "Yer first time?"

"Oh wow that really hurt. Right in the heart." I said placing my hand over my chest as if in pain. "When was the last time you actually USED your brain?"

"I did just a minute ago actually... I was wondering what you and Robin Hood were doing inside that gas station...ALONE."

I felt my insides clench at the mention of that incident. It had only been a couple of hours since Daryl and I's heated argument and he still hadn't acknowledged me, let alone talked to me. Bob must have sensed something was up because he dropped the subject without a clear answer. The last thing he said about it was,

"He didn't hurt you or nothin did he?"

"No, no it wasn't like that, we just..." I tried to form what had happened into words but after failing at many attempts in my mind I just replied with a straight face,

"Nothing happened. He didn't say much after you left actually."

The fact is lying is a necessity. We lie to ourselves because the truth... The truth freaking hurts.

"Okay if you say so." Bob said turning away but clearly not convinced.

A few blocks later we neared a cluster of buildings that resembled a preppy uptown version of cheap apartments. "College dorms." I muttered remembering my not-even-close-to-pleasant days at university.

"Looks like we're getting closer." I rolled my eyes as Daryl spoke. He still hadn't said anything since the argument, at least not to me.

"The building we want is just up ahead." Commented Tyreese.

"Then let's keep moving, the sooner we get those drugs the sooner we can leave this shit hole." I said starting towards the farthest structure. I could feel Daryl's eyes burning into my back, but I couldn't care less. All I wanted was to get back to the prison so I wouldn't have to see Mr. Dixon every second of the day.

The main entrance door opened up with a nerve splicing CREEEEEKKKKKK. Mr. Crossbow was at the head of the group (what else was new) and gave the back hand signal for us to follow. We made our way past what seemed like millions of classrooms, and would have missed the one that said CHEMISTRY & TESTING LABS if it weren't for Bob,

"This one here."

"You sure?"


"Okay, let's make this quick."

After a quick scan of the room Daryl cleared our entrance.

"Anything ending in -cillin or -cin, C-I-N, grab it. We'll dissolve the pills in the IVs, put it right into the blood stream. Dosage will be tricky but considering the time we lost..."

Bob rattled off a few more things for Michonne and I to grab while we waited for Tyreese and Daryl. Gathering up as many pill bottles as humanly possible, I reached for Bob's nap sack.

"Here I'll get that for you." Bob said quickly snatching the pack from my grasp.

"That's okay Bobby," I joked. "I'm a grown woman, I can take care of myself." Bob didn't move. "What's the matter, didn't your momma teach you how to share?" He still hadn't flinched. "Fine, here take the pills you big baby."

I know it's the apocalypse but geez, did everyone wake up on the wrong side of the forest floor?

"How'd you do?" Michonne asked the boys as they entered back into the room both carrying filled backpacks.

"Bags, tubes, clamps, connectors. Everything on the list."

"What about y'all?" Daryl chimed in.

"Yeah we're good." Michonne said. I nodded.

"Okay, let's roll!"

Walking through those thrash filled hallways gave me a sudden appreciation for janitors. To be frank the place was a total mess. It looked like a bomb filled with office supplies had exploded leaving bits and pieces of items around. Electrical wires hung limp from the moldy ceiling, desks were toppled over and made quite an obstacle course for the group. The only source of light came from Daryl's flashlight which illuminated ehhh... Maybe 1/8 of our path.

"Hey!" I turned in the direction of Tyreese's whisper.

"Walkers!" He hissed.

Sure enough in one of the classrooms a couple rotten hunks of meat had spotted us and we're making their way towards the door (or where the door used to be).

"Go, go, go!" Daryl exclaimed as loud as he could without raising his voice.

We all ran to the sanctuary that was the last room to the right.

Bringing up the rear, I slammed the double doors and prayed to God that walkers couldn't smell fear.

"Lock those doors!" Bob said to me.

Reaching for the lock, I discovered something deadly,

"The doors are busted!"

"What do ya mean?" Daryl yelled.

"I mean it won't shut! It's BROKEN!" Why he decided this was the right time to speak to me let alone ask me stupid questions was beyond me.

"Ughhh!" He grunted a bit too loudly.

Suddenly I felt a jolt behind me and a choir of moans and scratching. Pushing my back up against the doors was the only thing I could think of that wouldn't end with all of us getting eaten.

"Stairs." Michonne yelled over the noise.

"Oh great," I said struggling a bit. "So can I let go of the doors now?"

Again the sound of moans erupted from behind the doors, but this time it was met with more ravenous snarls emitting in the direction of the stairs.

"I'll take that as a 'no' then."

"How many?"

"I can't tell!"

"Guys." I said just as a rotten hand swatted at (and thankfully missed) my throat.

"WE CAN TAKE 'EM!" Ty yelled to the rest.

"No!" Bob yelled back, "They're infected! Same with at the prison. We fire at them, get their blood on us, breath it in...we didn't come this far to get sick!" "Best to let Dawn just do what she's doing."

"Well Dawn doesn't exactly love this plan!" I yelled back as another walker hand came through the door. "And how do we know the ones in there aren't any different?"

This time it was Michonne who answered,

"We don't."

There was a pause of silence as we all looked desperately at each other, hoping the other person was going to come up with a plan to get us out alive. Finally Daryl spoke, but his words weren't exactly words of encouragement,

"I guess we'll have to find out." With one swift movement he'd broken the lock and unleashed hell.

All I could do was stand there (literally) and watch as Michonne samuraied head after head like a real life version of fruit ninja.

"C'mon! We ain't got all day!" Daryl yelled to me.

With one last look back at the door I let my body shoot foreword towards the others. Behind me, I could hear the ten or twenty geeks I had just let loose all at once pouring out like I had just broken Hoover Dam. Daryl stood at the opening like I was running a marathon and he was waiting for me at the finish line. But the difference was if I didn't finish, I was dead. With my heart beating quicker than a humming bird's, I sprinted past Daryl and into the stairwell as he closed the doors behind us.

We met up with the rest of the group at the top but we quickly found out that our hope was false. There was no way out. It was a dead end.

"There's no exit!"

"So we make one!" Daryl said jumping up to the nearby window. Without hesitation Ty grabbed the heaviest object available (this happened to be a fire extinguisher) and chucked it at the window. Shards of glass raining down on us and onto the floor.

"Go,move it!" Daryl yelled helping Michonne out the window.

The walkers were close and getting even more so, so to bide the rest more time I started to fire in the opposite direction.

"Dawn, Come on!" Bob yelled.

"Go! I'll catch up!" I yelled back concentrating on my next shot. But before I could pull the trigger I found myself being picked off the ground and slung over a particularly muscular shoulder.

"Yer not gonna die trying to be a hero." Daryl said.

I smiled, "I'll take that as an apology."

He grunted as he ran both of us to the window and hoisted me up to Ty. I caught Ty's hand and quickly jumped over to the walk way two feet below.

Daryl followed and Bob after him. But somehow he lost his footing and fell onto his stomach with his bag dangling over the edge into the arms of the dead. He struggled to pull it back up like his life was on stake.

"Bob let it go!" Michonne pleaded with him but to no avail.

"Let it go man, just let it go." Tyreese joined in as we all tried desperately to pull him up.

Finally the bag was released and landed with an unusual clunk on the ground next to us. I looked down at it confused, and Daryl pushed through to open the pack. I held my breath as he pulled out a large bottle of whiskey. The silence was serious this time. Almost deadly. Daryl scowled at Bob who stood up defensively.

"Got no meds in your bag," Daryl asked, "Just this?" Bob didn't answer, just kept his eyes on the bottle. All I could think about was his reaction when I tried to put the pills in his bag. I couldn't believe this. Daryl looked like he was going to explode,

"You shoulda kept walking that day." He went to chuck the whiskey but Bob stopped him,

"Don't." His hand twitched to his pistol.

"Bob." I said with a hint of disappointment in my voice. Daryl was centimeters away from his face now, his expression gave the impression that Bob was not going to make it off that roof alive. Grabbing his shirt, he made Bob look at him.

"I didn't want to hurt was just for when it gets quiet." He still was struggling to not make eye contact with Daryl, and for good reason. Daryl had rage in his eyes, but not the same kind he had with me earlier that day. This was different. It was terrifying. But instead of throwing some punches, or throwing someone off the roof, Daryl shoved the bottle into Bob's chest, and said this,

"You take one sip, before those drugs get into our people... I will beat your ass into the ground. You hear me?" To me, that did more damage than any punch would have ever done.

"C'mon." Daryl muttered to us before he jumped down to the solid ground. Michonne and Tyreese followed but I hesitated to look back at Bob. He peered up at me and I saw he had tears in his eyes.

But for once I didn't feel anything.

Not even for him.

And here's the truth about the truth. It hurts.

So we lie.

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