"I'm not going to fall for you Tomlinson." I said. "Oh we'll see about that, little miss heartbreaker." Louis says and smirks.
Kylie Evans is the school's heartbreaker. Louis Tomlinson is the school's player. What happens when they go for each other?


3. Chapter 3 -So now you know-

Chapter 3 -So now you know-

Kylie's P.O.V.

I woke up and felt Zayn. I got out careful not to wake him up. "Good morning." Well that didn't work out. "Morning Zayn." "Where you going?" He asks. "I have to get home, so I can get ready for school." "How did you plan on getting home without me?" He asked sounding amused. I shrugged he laughed. "I'll take her." I heard, I jumped. I heard Zayn laugh again. "Shh... babe it's just Lou, the guys stayed the night." I sighed. "Oh." Louis got up from the floor, and held out his hand for me, I got up. "Bye Zayn." I said and kissed his cheek. 

-Kylie's House-

"How did you know where I live?" I asked Louis. "I'm your neighbor." He said. I nodded. "Wait, can you pick me up for school in about 30 minutes, I have no ride now that I ended it with Colton." "Sure thing sexy." Louis winked and drove off. I walked inside and heard nothing. Thank goodness. I tiptoed to my room, and saw my mum knocked out on the floor and dad with beer bottle surrounding him, knocked out also. "Ky?" I heard voice whisper. I saw Kyle standing there. "Hey Kyle." I smiled. I took a shower, did my makeup, hair, etc.


I heard a knock on the door. "Need a ride?" I asked Kyle. "Na. I got one of my friends to pick me up." My twin says, I nod. "See ya later buddy." "See ya." I rush downstairs. "Kylie!" Gosh no. "Where were you?" Dad asks. "Meeting up with a guy." I tell the truth. He laughs. "Tell the truth." "That is the truth." "No one would want you. Your pathetic." My dad laughs. "Your ugly, and stupid, and pitiful. Nobody loves you! Not me, not your mother, not Kyle! Nobody!" Dad says. I start to cry, I run out the door. Louis is there. I quickly wipe my eyes before he sees. Yeah, that's the reason i'm like this. So now you know.


I know crappy chapter. :( Sorry, I just wanted to make an update, since I haven't in a while. Anyways, Love yew!



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