"I'm not going to fall for you Tomlinson." I said. "Oh we'll see about that, little miss heartbreaker." Louis says and smirks.
Kylie Evans is the school's heartbreaker. Louis Tomlinson is the school's player. What happens when they go for each other?


1. Chapter 1 -"Sorry. But, it's over."-

Chapter 1 - "Sorry, but it's over." -

Kylie's P.O.V.

"Hey beautiful." Colton smiles, and pecks my lips. We are at my locker in school. I sigh, and put on a fake sad face. I have had enough of him already, it has been 2 weeks already. "I'm sorry Colton... But, it's over." I say. "What?" he asks. "Well it's just not working for me.... We're through." I say. His eyes start to tear up. "Harry warned me about you! How you broke his heart! He is still heartbroken!" He cries. "Oh... I remember ol' Harry Styles! Well.... Maybe you should start listening to your friends more often." I say and smile. He storms off. I laugh to myself. This is always fun! Suddenly, Zayn Malik walks up to me. "So... I hear you broke up with Colton huh?" I nod. He smiles. "Great. Well I hear you're trouble, I like trouble.... Your coming to my place tonight, got it?" I smile. "Sounds good to me..." 

Louis' P.O.V.

I look at Ashley. "So... What is it baby?" She asks with that annoying voice of hers. "It's over... Your not my type..." I say. She then laughs her annoying laugh. "Haha. Very funny." She says. "I'm not joking." Her eyes get watery, and she slaps me. "So what? You get what you want from me, and it's over!?!" I nod. "Pretty much, sorry sweety." She slaps me one more time and storms off. Colton walks up to me. "Hey bro. What's wrong?" His eyes were red and puffy. "Kylie broke up with me... Just like she did Harry." "Kylie huh?" He nods. "Don't bother. Zayn's already going for her... Also, she would just break your heart too." I laugh. Someone break my heart? Yeah right. "We'll see about that." I say and smirk.

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