Hi. I'm Alex, and i have been scared for most of my life. My mum died when I was younger and I have been with my dad. Strange things have been going on and I never understood till now. Till after I met the 7 lads I call, my Protectors


9. Chap 8



I was laying down on the bed reading a magazine when Tyler came in. "I told you i still have to return the favor." He said coming over, laying on top of me. "Tyler i can't." I said pushing him back. "C'mon... besides, i will end up doing it sooner or later." I bit my lip and his smirk turned into a smile. He his sitting on my hips, he leaned down and kissed me. "Tyler i can't." He looked up at me. "Why?" "I'm not having sex."

"Who said we were going to?" He started kissing me again, a rough kiss. He kissed along my jaw line and a long my neck. "Ty. Stop please.." But he started rubbing him self on me and i let out a small moan. "You really want me to stop? Now?" He pressed harder and i just bit my lip. "Yes.." He laughed, just harder... "Your a bad liar." I gripped the side of the bed leaning my head back. He came up to my mouth, trying to quiet the moans escaping my lips. "Shhh... the lads are down stairs." He kept rocking his hips vertically like i did to him. The door opened, "What the hell?" Niall said.

Tyler didn't stop either. "You can keep her quiet." Niall shut the door and looked at me unsure, but sat next to me and kissed me. I kissed back, he asked for entrance and i let him. "Tyler.." I said, lightly biting Niall's lip. "What Tyler not rough enough?" Niall smirked towards Tyler. That only made him go harder and faster. I leaned my head back and arched up my back, Niall started kissing me again, putting his hands up my shirt completely. Tyler did stop, moving towards my lips while Niall switched places. He started and i just kissed Tyler.

I pulled away from Tyler's lips, leaning back, he just kissed along my neck...................................


I woke up, sitting up quickly, breathing kind of heavily. I looked around the room, then towards Tyler who was looking at me weird. "What the hell were you dreaming about?" I looked around the room again, ignoring him. "N-nothing." He just smirked, "I already know. Why Niall and me?" I blushed like crazy getting up and leaving the room. "Alex?" Niall asked. "What were you doing?" I looked at all the smirking lads and i just ran out of the house and towards my hill. When i heard the door open, seeing Tyler i just ran towards the woods.

"Alex!! Wait!" I ignored him, feeling tears come to my eyes. They just can't leave my mind alone?! I felt them escape, still running. "ALEX STOP!" Harry shouted. I was crying and i wanted to but they just... I eventually stopped when i came across a wide creek. "Why are you running?" Liam panted. I turned and faced them. "Stop crying please.." Zayn said. "I can't! You guys can't even leave my thoughts alone when im sleeping!" I just risked it and ran through the creek. I didn't get far once i made it a crossed because Louis grabbed my arm. I flinched some, he let me go. "We can't control it." "Yes you fucking can!" I wiped my eyes, which was pointless more tears came.

"Just leave me alone." I started walking away from them, they didn't come. I walked for an hour, i turned my head to the right, i saw Tyler. Of course, they can't just let me be alone? Tyler... i know you are listening and this is stupid. I can't believe you would read my thoughts about that dream! I thought in my head.

I looked at him and hey had his ears down. "Do you know how embarrassed i am? To know all of you did that!?" I shouted towards him. He slowly trotted towards me, whimpering, ears down and laying at my feet. Tears were coming again, this was ridiculous. He got out of that form. "Alex. I'm seriously sorry, i woke up and you were saying our name... We seriously are sorry." I turned away from him and he just caught up and walked beside me. After 30 minutes of it being very quiet i glanced over to him. "I forgive you." I mumbled. "Thanks for forgiving me." He stopped me and gave me a hug. "Wanna go to the park in town? After we walk back and get dressed?" I thought about it, "Yeah i guess." We walked back and quickly changed. I grabbed my phone and Tyler and i started walking towards the town park.

Tyler intertwined our fingers, as we were approaching the park. "Glad you forgave me." He said. I put a small smile on my face, "Me too." We went to the swings, i just sat there. "TYLER?!?!" I heard an annoyingly loud shriek. "What the fuck?" I said. The random girl came running over to us. "Tyler remember? From middle school? Becca?" He seemed confused at first. "Wait... wait, i remember you." She put on the fakest smile ever. She looked like a slut, her boobs were showing way to much, her shorts to short.. ew. "Whose this?" She pointed to me, giving me a weird look because of the stitching. "My girl friend, Alex." She seemed disgusted. "Okay... what the hell is wrong with your neck?" "Nothing, just leave it alone." "Ty boo, what happened?" I rolled my eyes. 

"She got into an accident, nothing to bad." "I see... hey Tyler can you get us ice cream?" Tyler nodded, leaving the swing. "So, how many times have you did him? Or did you pay him to date your ass?" 

"Why the hell would i pay a guy to date me? And i haven't done anything with him." "Seriously, have you looked in a mirror?" What a bitch! "Have you looked at how slutty you looked?" She gave me a glare. "Bitch i could easily take him away from you. Besides, why would he go for a fat bitch anyway?" I looked and saw Tyler coming, he was focusing on my mind, all i was thinking was what a horrible person she was!

"Here you go. And you." He handed us the ice cream, but i didn't feel like eating it. "So Tyler, i was wondering if you want to hang out sometime?" I knew he was reading my mind so... "Tyler you better say no! I know you were listening on our conversation." I thought. "Umm....." "Tyler no!" I thought angrily. "I don't think that will happen." She looked upset. "Why? I mean im sure your girl friend wouldn't mind." She looked at me with a fake smile. "Tyler, im going to punch her in the mouth if we don't leave." He looked at me, "I don't think i want to, weather she thinks its okay or not." 

She sighed. "Alright, well one thing before i go.." She fucking kissed him! "Bitch!" I said loud enough for her to hear. "Grow the fuck up." She said. Tyler just pushed her off. "I think you should leave. Now." Tyler said. She looked pissed but did so, i started walking off too. "Alex.." He caught up to me. "What?" "Don't let her get to you, she used to be my old girl friend, back in middle school." I was annoyed with her. He fell silent, listening to my thoughts probably. They all were pretty negative.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

When we got back there was a note left on the door.

Went out of town, Simon called for us.

He sighed grabbing the note and throwing it away. "Well, im going to bed." I said heading towards my room. I quickly got dressed and didn't bother getting under the blankets. I grabbed my phone, Christy hasn't been texting me in a while... I wanted to text her and tell her whats wrong but i can't. I can't even meet up with her. I threw my phone a crossed the room. I looked towards the door and he was just entering. He just got into bed beside me. "Not wanting under the covers?" He said. "I'm too lazy and tired." I said just closing my eyes, falling asleep.


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