Hi. I'm Alex, and i have been scared for most of my life. My mum died when I was younger and I have been with my dad. Strange things have been going on and I never understood till now. Till after I met the 7 lads I call, my Protectors


8. Chap 7


*this will be the only warning, from here on out expect to have some sexual activity throughout the story. *

I sat there, not knowing what to do. Tyler was just smiling like an idiot and blushing. I put a smile on my face and laughed. "Your blushing like crazy Ty." He laughed. "What did you call me?" "Ty." "I like that nick name.." I looked out towards the window, then back to him. "Your such a weirdo." I said and he just laughed. 

"But you love my weirdness."  I nodded, agreeing with him. "Alex... will you be my... gir-" "Yes." I didn't let him finish on purpose, he smiled and sat down next to me and hugged me. "Thanks goodness you said yes.. i would have gone crazy if you said no." I smiled and just laid down on the bed. I felt my neck once more.

"You should stop touching your neck... the stitching wont come out for at least a week. Louis got you pretty good." I ignored him still messing with the stitches on my neck. I heard him sigh, I moved my hand to right above my chest, where the claw marks end. I looked at my arm, it wasn't as bad as what else he did. "What will get you to ignore those marks?" I looked at him, i had an idea but kept my thoughts to myself. I sat u and pushed him down, so he was laying down, I started to kiss him. He wasn't complaining. The kiss got a little bit more passionate and he ran his hand along my thigh. When he tried to take my shirt off i stopped him. "Ty..." He looked embarrassed. "I'm so sorry.. I'm an idiot." His face was so red.

"No your fine, just... you just asked me out Ty Ty." He made a face then laughed. I leaned down and started kissing him again. I slowly pulled away from him. "Well damn." I laughed and laid down on my back. It was getting dark out so i decided to grab a set of clothes, then i turned and looked at Tyler. "What?" "I have to change." He got up and left the room. I quickly changed and opened the door he left, i just went to the bed and got under the covers. When i was barely keeping my eyes open i heard foot steps.

I didn't move, of course it was Tyler. He got into bed next to me, wrapping his arms around my waste. "Night Alex..." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The next morning i woke up, Tyler was still there. The marks were still there. I wish that it was a dream but im glad it isn't... well kind of. I don't know if i moved in my sleep or if he moved me but i was now laying my head across his chest. I listened to his heart beat, when i felt it quickening i knew he was waking up. I sat up a little bit and i leaned over and kissed him till i saw his eyes flutter open, then he started to realize what i was doing and started kissing back.

"That's a nice way to wake up." He said. His morning voice.... i could melt. "Please don't melt." He said sitting up. "Tyler! Stop reading my thoughts." "Not my fault! And not my fault you find me.... sexy." He put on the sexiest face ever. "Tyler stop before you kill me." I blocked my eyes. He only moved them and kissed me. He got up and stretched. "Were going back to your dads today. John moved ahead, thinking we would still move." I nodded getting some clothes. He left the room and i quickly slipped on my grey skinny jeans and a crop top, showing off my small belly button piercing. I opened the door when i was done and I walked to Tyler's room.

He didn't nice me at first so i quietly walked in, about to scare him when he turned around and scared me. I jumped back and screamed. "TYLER!" He was laughing so hard. "Wolf hearing love." I grumbled and sat on his bed. He finished packing then looked at me. "What?" "Piercing huh?" He pointed towards my stomach. "Yeah but i barely wear it, i don't know why. So... when are we leaving?" 

"Well we aren't leaving yet, the lads are already taking our bags down to the house... we will be alone for 3-4 hours." Niall came in, "No sex while we are gone!!!" He took his bag and i laughed. Tyler was blushing, pushing Niall out. Once we heard door close we knew the guys were gone. I raised my eye brows towards Tyler. "What was Niall talking about?" He just stood there rubbing the back of his neck. "Was he reading your thoughts....?" I laughed and i think he was too embarrassed. I walked over to him and started kissing him. "I'm not going to have sex.... yet... but."  He kissed me again and the kiss got more passionate. He pushed me up against the wall and picked me up so my legs wrapped around his waste. He started to kiss along the side of my neck that isn't covered in claw marks. I held in my moans, with some difficult. He looked up at me and started laughing slightly. He started walking towards the bed, laying on top of me. 

We continued to kiss, he was licking my bottom lip asking for entrance, i let him. His hand was running a long my thigh. We rolled over so that i was on top. I kissed along his neck, he let out a small moan. I smiled and continued to kiss him along his neck. I pulled away and took his sweats off. I started to rub on him and he was biting his lip. I went back to his lips and kissed him.

I looked down to his boxers... this was new. I slid my hand in his boxers and started to move my hand. Tyler looked so vulnerable. He was letting out some more moans, i went back to his face, going a tad bit faster. He had his mouth parted open some. "Alex..." He moaned out. I sucked on his neck and went a bit faster. He was gripping the side of the bed. I moved back up to his lips, i took my hand out and i started rubbing myself on him. "God damn Alex..." He breathed as i continued. 

I kissed his lips again, moving my hips vertically. He moaned out. He was leaning his head back, his back arching up some. I slowed down and just kissed him. "Holy shit.... for a first time.... your amazing." He looked up at me. "So i guess i did amazing?" He smiled. "Oh yeah." He rolled over so he was on top. "No Ty... I just wanted to make you feel good. Only you." He bit his lip. I smirked. I reached back down and he moaned against my neck. "Alex..." I smiled and kissed his neck. I rolled back on top of him. "No this isn't right...." He got caught off by a moan. "Ty, i wanted to do this." But... i wanna make you feel good to." I bit my lip going faster. He again gripped the side of the bed. But when we heard the front door open, i just covered his mouth, not stopping. "Were back!!" Liam yelled. I smirked down on Tyler, of course going faster. "We are getting ready!" I yelled back. 

"You guys didn't... do it did you!" "Nope! I told him no after you left." I moved my hand kissing him, then whispering. "Stay quiet... or i'll have to go faster." He tried keeping quiet but he let one slip, meaning... He bit his lip. "So when are you guys coming out?" Zayn asked. "Oh i don't know, Tyler is showing me something that's cute." I smiled down on him, kissing his neck, leaving a mark. I heard him make a noise. "Well hurry, were giving you guys 5 minutes!" "Alright!" We heard to door shut and i stopped.

"Really?! They could have heard!" "That's why i said be quiet... now, i think we should get ready to leave." I poked his nose, handing him his sweats. "I'll meet you out side." I winked at him and went out there. "Alex... what did you do in there??" I laughed. "Guessing you already know since you have super hearing and you can read my mind and his." They all laughed. "He will get you back for that." Harry laughed. "Oh well. I will just keep telling him no." Tyler came out, blushing. "Ready to go?" Louis asked Tyler. "Yes.." He breathed out. "Was she really that amazing?" I burst out laughing, as did everyone else. "Shut up Niall, let's go." They all changed and i rode on Tyler's back.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Once we got back to the house, i looked around, looking at my favorite spot. The hill. I hopped off of Tyler, they all got out of their form. "Well, we will be inside." The guys said. I walked towards the hill, Tyler walking behind me. I laid down and looked up at the sky, the sun was setting. Tyler sat on top of me. "What are you doing?" I asked. "Sitting on a talking pillow?" I laughed poking his sides. "I think i owe someone..." He said. "No.." 

He leaned down and kissed me, i let him enter right away. He pulled away. "Your going to say no... after what you did to me?" I bit my lip and i nodded. "Your mouth says one thing, but your eyes say another." I pushed him off and sat on him. "Tyler i will do it again." He grumbled and slightly pushed me off. "So stubborn... but if one day we do... do it, you can be on top... only the second time." I looked over at him. "What makes you so sure we will ever do it?" He smirked. "I will return the favor... trust me." He said kissing my neck, then laying on his back. I sighed, closing my eyes. I felt Tyler starting to pick me up.I started drifting off into a deep sleep~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


All i have to say is....


Hope you all had a great time today



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