Hi. I'm Alex, and i have been scared for most of my life. My mum died when I was younger and I have been with my dad. Strange things have been going on and I never understood till now. Till after I met the 7 lads I call, my Protectors




May 21 5:30 P.M

"What if it did happen?" I asked. "I don't know..." Tyler said looking around the room. He looked back at me, and smirked. I tried keeping my mind blank but.... HE IS HOT! I just can't. He is perfect. I look around the room and see he is still starring. "Stop starring weirdo." I said, making him laugh. "Not my fault your in my way of where im looking." I grab the pillow behind me and i chuck it at his face. "Oh, you shouldn't have done that." He gets an evil smirk and i run for the door. But of course he is faster and grabs my waist. "Tyler!" I say playfully. He picks me up bridle style and put me on the bed before grabbing a pillow and throwing them at me.

"I love you to?" I form my fingers into a heart. "No you don't, you are just wanting to leave the room." I laugh and grab a pillow and chuck it at him. I try for the door again and i make it out and i run out into the living room. "Um im going to go and run outside, bye!" I quickly run out and i hear Tyler yell my name. 

I just keep on running. I end up near a little pond. I sit down on a rock, looking down into the pond and see my reflection. I just stare at the water, it was beautiful out. I heard a low growling noise near me, i turn my head and i see a white wolf a few feet from me. I feel my eyes grow kind of wide and i stare at the wolf. I slowly reach for my pocket and grab my phone and dial Tyler's number.

Ring 1.... Ring 2..... Purple eyes?

"Hey where are you?!"

"Help... me..."

"What? Okay okay im coming!" He hung up and i put my phone back in my pocket. The wolf started walking closer to me, i slid back. The wolf's eyes were glowing and was growling a little bit louder. The wolf walked towards me until i couldn't back up anymore. Where the hell is Tyler?!?!

I looked behind me, and i saw them coming. I faced the white wolf again and it was really close. "Tyler!" When the wolf looked like it was about to bite me Tyler pushed the white wolf over the edge and followed him and they were fighting. I saw Niall was coming towards me, i stood up and hopped up onto his back and he bolted off. Eventually Tyler was running besides us, we went to the cabin and got our stuff. "Where are we going?" They couldn't answer, so i just went with it. 

They had the bags and they started to leave, well we were.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

After a while we ended up far away from town. We got to some flat and i just stayed sitting on Niall's back. "Alex love, i think it's time for you to get off." Dylan said. I just stared at him and tried keeping my eyes open. "Did you hear me or...." "What?" They laughed and i just got off of him and laid down on the floor.

I wanted to sleep.... "There is a bed right up those stairs...." "Who cares, im already here." I mumbled. "Alex, walk to the bed please." "No, let me sleep." Whenever im tired i get kind of grumpy...

"Alex." "Shut the hell up! I'm trying to sleep." I tried shutting my eyes. "Would you talk like this to your damn dad?" Dad... why the fuck would he even bring that back up!? I looked up and glared at Zayn and Louis looked kind of bad now. "Fuck. You. Both." I got up and went outside and sat on the chairs out there and tried going back to sleep, but of course i can't. "Alex, it looks like its about to storm..." "Leave me alone!" I said trying to plug my ears so i couldn't hear Dylan talk anymore.

"Alex get your lazy arse up." "If i get my lazy ass up im going to fucking leave this place." What is wrong with me? My mood can change that quickly from happy to pissed in a matter of seconds when i am tired. "Yeah right, get up now." "I'm not kidding!" "Get your ass up!" I got up alright and i started leaving the house. "Fuck you Dylan." I didn't even turn around to face him and i flipped him off. "Fuck you too bitch. I'm going to laugh when John gets you." 

I ignored him and continued to walk off. Of course i probably knew the guys were following me, a few of them anyway. Since some of them wanted to stay with that dick. I looked to my right and saw Orange eyes. Harry? I don't give a shit right now. To my left blue, Tyler or Niall.

I continued to walk till Tyler walked in front of me. I stared into his wolf eyes for a minute, but continued on, of course he got back in front of me and got out of being a wolf. "C'mon, come back to the flat, Dylan was just pissed off that you wouldn't listen." "Bull shit." I moved past him and he got in front of me again. "Alex please..." I looked at him was about to decide to go but then i saw Louis coming towards us. 

"Louis stop." Tyler said staying in front of him. "You think it's okay for her to do that shit to Dylan?!"  I glared at him. "All i did was flip him off. Spare me." "Louis you are not going to do that!" Tyler said pushing him back. "What he said to me was worse then what i did." I said with a fake smile. "Yeah well he is true. I hope it happens to you to!" I kept my fake smile, feeling tears come to my eyes. "Not the first time i had death threats Louis." It was true, when i was in middle school i was bullied and people told me to kill myself, that is why my dad decided to move.

"Yeah whatever. We all hope you die." Louis stopped fighting against Tyler, staying in the middle of us both. "Yeah right. The only dick here. Is you and Dylan. " I saw his hands turn into balls of fists. "Alex stop, remember what we are." Tyler said. "Yeah but he wants me dead right? So who cares?" I let a tear escape. "I can't believe we promised him we would watch her." Louis said glaring at me. "Then don't, i would rather die then be stuck in hell with you and Dylan!" I guess that was his last straw because i saw Louis's eyes turn into wolf one's, his teeth were showing and his claws were out. He made it past Tyler and was standing in front of me. "I'm not scared of you." Of course i knew what was coming next, he is a wolf. His claws went for my neck and went down to above my chest and a crossed my arm.

Tyler pushed him back and i just stood there, feeling numb. I started walking back towards the house, i was running feeling my tears escape my eyes. Once i got to the door i saw Liam and his eyes grew wide. He came running up to me and grabbed a towel. "Holy shit... HARRY, DYLAN, ZAYN, NIALL! GET HERE AND BRING ME ANOTHER TOWEL!" Niall came running down with a towel and he almost stopped completely. "NIALL!" Niall came over to me and looked at the marks. "What the hell?!" Dylan said looking concerned. I looked out the door and saw Louis coming. "No keep me away from Louis." I backed away from the door. Louis came in and i hit the wall behind me. "Alex im sorry." He tried coming towards me but i turned and went to the living room. "Alex.. please." "No stay away from me!" I saw how bad he felt... but i just can't. Not now. "I can't trust you again, These! Louis, these are going to be scars!" I looked down and i am making a mess. Tyler was starring at me, he was crying? "I need to get to a doctor or something?" I said wiping my tears. "We can't take you there, luckily... we know someone who is good at stitches.... "Tyler and... Louis..." I stared at Louis. He scares me now.

"Alex you have to let him come near you... you don't want to die..." Tyler said, more tears escaping his eyes. "I'm terrified of him!" I glanced at him then back to Tyler. "Look... can we at least knock you out?" I looked at him. "Only you do it..." Tyler came over to me and took me to some room and knocked me out... while him and the monster worked on me.


When i was knocked out, my brain kept wanting to play what Louis did over, and over again. But when i finally woke up, No one was there except Tyler. "Are you okay?" He asked. "I don't know?" I sat up and looked around the room. I saw a mirror, tears were falling down my face. He saw the mirror and took it down. "Louis did this to me..." I cried into my hands. "He is seriously sorry!" "No i can't forgive him. I don't want to be in the same room as him. If we have to, i want to be as far away as possible from him.

Eventually we left and went to the kitchen, Louis was there and Tyler tried pushing me forward. "Stop!" I said. He just blocked the door and Liam blocked the other door. "You have to get over it... we are not letting you leave until you can get over this..." Louis slowly started walking towards me and i just went next to Tyler. "Tyler open the damn door." He shook his head no. Louis was closer.

I tried pushing past Tyler but i couldn't. I just slid down the wall and sat in the corner, right next to Tyler of course, and looked up at Louis, who was a few feet away. Louis looked so hurt, to see me so terrified of him... i stood up and walking along the wall and to the other side of the kitchen, where Louis was not near. There was a counter in the middle so he couldn't just walk to me. I looked at Tyler and to Liam. "This is stupid let me out of here." 

"We can't..." Tyler said. I could tell he wasn't happy about this but he had no choice. Louis was a few feet away again. I just stayed... then he was basically two feet from me. I bit my lip, trying not to cry as what happened flashed through my mind again. Louis stopped moving, i couldn't move past him or anything so i was stuck. He studied my face, his eyes moving around a lot. I tried glancing at Tyler but i couldn't see his face all that well, so i looked at Louis, who was focusing on the marks.

Were they talking to each other? I saw Louis's eyes water. I looked to my hand and i slowly put it on his. He looked at our hands and slowly intertwined out fingers. Then he got out of that and tried just putting his hand on my shoulder, i wouldn't let him do it for a few minutes but then i did.

I noticed Tyler and Liam left. Smart. I just focused on what Louis was trying to do. He tried giving me a hug, i would NOT let him do that for i think 30 minutes. "I'm sorry... you know that right?" He said. "Y-yeah." I stuttered. "I wish i could make this up to you...." He said starring at the stitching. He went to scratch his arm, but i flinched. He backed up and scratched his arm.

I just stared at him, he did the same. But i can;t get that image out of my mind. I put my hand up the my neck and felt the stitches. I felt my eyes tear up, i felt a lot. I looked around the room, keeping an eye on Louis at the same time and found a mirror. I walked to it, keeping a some what distance from Louis and myself. And looked.

I looked at myself for a long time, i glanced at Louis who was looking at the reflection also. I turned around and faced him. "Scars..." I mumbled, looking at the floor. "I'm sorry..." Louis said before leaving the kitchen. I walked out of the kitchen, all the guys looked towards me. I looked to Tyler, then i started going up to my room with Tyler following me. After he shut the door he came over to me and hugged me. "Everything will be fine..." Tyler said into my neck. "I'm the ugliest thing on the planet now." I said wiping a tear away after we got out of the hug. "No your not, your even more beautiful if that's even possible." "Don't lie to me... i saw myself in a reflection." He looked like he was hesitating to do something..... but he did whatever he was about to do. He walked up to me and gave me a kiss on the lips. He then slowly pulled away, had a small smile on his lips and his hands in his pockets. 

"I've been wanting to do that since i saw you.." 


Well im sorry i haven't been updating... but I've been getting things ready for Christmas. I think im going to give my sister night mares... i have polymer clay and i tried making a mermaid la la loopsy... i think its the creepiest thing ever!

.-. um... lmao i think it turned out better then what i thought though. I'll post a pic maybe later or after Christmas.

Well if i don't update tomorrow... i won't be updating on Christmas most likely and most of you wont be on probably anyways. Well if im not on tomorrow.....

HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe comment what the best thing you got was? Mine so far... i got to open a present early and it was the 2014 One Direction calender.

Well bye stars!!! Have fun on x-mas!


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