Hi. I'm Alex, and i have been scared for most of my life. My mum died when I was younger and I have been with my dad. Strange things have been going on and I never understood till now. Till after I met the 7 lads I call, my Protectors


6. Chap 5

Im changing Tyler's wolf eyes to a light blue

8:21 P.M May 20

It stayed pretty quiet for the rest of the night, i watched them all form slowly into wolves. Tyler.... as a wolf.... he was beautiful. His fur was black, silky... His eyes would glow off and on, all of theirs would. Niall's eyes. Outstanding! It was a mixture of blue and green.... blue. I walked slowly over to Tyler, i know who they are but this is still... new!

I petted him and scratched behind his ears. I looked into his light blue eyes, breathless. "When should we start going?" I said. I got a low bark from him, but i couldn't understand. We waited until 8:40 to start heading out. "What about my stuff?" Dylan and Niall ran in and gave them to me. "I can't carry these and ride on one of you." They looked to each other, they took the bags into their mouths. I sighed and looked at the others. "Who am i..."

I looked at Tyler, he walked over to me. He was a tall wolf... I carefully hopped on and wrapped my arms around his neck. Not tightly. Then they started running! And the wind was cold... i tried looking at the surroundings but they were so fast.

I sat up a little bit, and looked at the other lads. Were wolves, how did this trait get into people? Out of the corner of my eye, i saw a set of glowing purple eyes. "Tyler... That thing is near." I whispered into his ear. He looked to where i was pointing to. He started i think talking to the lads, Louis, Liam and Zayn went after him. We ran for what felt like minutes... but it turned out to be a couple hours. Once we got to this other cabin, i hopped off of Tyler and looked around the lake. I felt Tyler nudge me forward towards the cabin. 

I obeyed him and walked into the dark room. "Does the lights work?" I couldn't see them do anything, taking it as a no. I sat down on the couch, Niall jumped up and laid down a crossed my lap. "Aww..." I said. This was adorable... but weird. I scratched him behind the ears and he was smiling.

I looked out through the some what broken door and saw Tyler starring at me. Why? His eyes were as bright as can be. I looked around the room the bets i could... this is all way to fast for me to process. I just closed my eyes and slowly drifted off into a deep sleep.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

8:13 A.M May 21

I woke up and my eyes were a little blurry. I looked down on my lap and saw Harry was on my lap instead. Why are they still wolves? I shook Harry awake and looked into his orange eyes. "Why are you guys still wolves?" He whimpered and wagged his tail. I scratched him and looked around the room. "Morning." Liam said. "Wha?" I looked from him to Wolf Harry. "It just depends on the full moon, i am the only one that's normal again." I nodded, pretending to understand. "What is it like... to be a were wolf?" He half smiled. "It's.. fun and all but if we had a choice... it would probably to be human." I nodded and slightly pushed Harry off of me. I laid down on my back, looking at the ceiling.

"What did Dylan mean by... we might have to change you?" "Look, lets not worry about it now." I just left it alone and relaxed. I turned on my side and i just watched them. Majestic creatures... people. I grabbed my necklace and held in in my hand. What did my parents know? My dad never talked about this to me... was the fighting and all the practicing prepared for... this? John? "Yes.." Liam mumbled. "Stop reading my mind Payne." He laughed. "It just kind of happens."

I went to a room and decided to get changed. What if they did turn me? Would my life be normal? 'Course not! I just put on some a regular pair of skinny jeans, that were pre ripped all over the place. And i black crop top. I put mascara on and perfume, then put a jacket on and zipped it up. I push the window opened but didn't leave. I sat along the edge of the windows ledge. 

Trust me this wolf shit, doesn't change my feelings for Tyler at all. But, why would he go out with a girl like me? This... pile of trash? It is a dream that i wont be able to make come true. I looked at the mirror that was there. I felt my eyes water. I look horrible... Tyler probably thinks that to, all of them. They would probably just let John kill me when they had the chance.I turned facing outside, letting my legs dangle below me. I heard the leaves moving, i looked and saw Tyler walking towards me.

Before i even got the chance to say hi, "You are not ugly at all. We would not let John get to you and kill you. You don't look horrible, don't let anyone even say that! You are so much more then that, you don't even realize how beautiful you look. And any guy would be lucky enough to be yours and steal your heart." I stared at him, blushing like crazy. I just turned around and laid on my bed, dieing of embarrassment .

I felt my eyes watering again, then i felt someone touch my shoulder. I looked and saw Tyler. "What?" I said facing the pillow again. "You don't need to be embarrassed.." "Yes i do when you all can read my thoughts!" "It's... not our faults. It just happens." I looked up into his brown eyes. He doesn't feel the same, he probably only thinks this because he knows my feelings. His eyes were glowing, that beautiful blue was showing. Tyler and i were sitting criss crossed in front of each other now. I was just staring at his wolf eyes. 

"You really like these eyes?" He said, his eyes back to normal. "Both sets." He laughs. He is just so perfect!! I look down to my blank phone screen. I look back up and he is starring. Was he focusing on my mind? To see what i was thinking? I sat up and put my phone in my lap. "You better not read my mind." I said jokingly. "I can't control it." I sighed and looked into his eyes again. "If you guys have to change me... i want you to do it." He nods, "But hopefully that wont happen."


Sorry short chap ik

But its kind of late and almost all my finals are tomorrow -_-

It sucks but hey! The bright side is im one step closer to winter break!!!!

Err i mean Christmas break.

Wish me luck on a 60 problem science test *my first hour class*

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And im not sure if there is a spanish final.... ugh please not. Well lets see if i survive this ....

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