Hi. I'm Alex, and i have been scared for most of my life. My mum died when I was younger and I have been with my dad. Strange things have been going on and I never understood till now. Till after I met the 7 lads I call, my Protectors


5. Chap 4


8:45 A.M May 20

I woke up, and the cabin was cold. But something was warm next to me, i look and i see something... Tyler? I look at his face, he was so cute. His hair was a mess... it was cute! He was shirtless..... someone help me!

I sigh and smile to myself. I looked towards the window, i saw... wolves?! I slowly got up from the bed, and walked towards the window. They were... what? They were all beautiful! I got my phone and took a picture of the 6 wolves. I put my phone up and saw the wolves with blood around them.

"Tyler!" I ran to the bed and shook him awake. "What?!" He shot up. "I saw.. out that window!" He got up and i followed him. Nothing was there. "Why did you freak out?" He said rubbing his eyes.

I stared out the window, where did the wolves go? The blood was gone? "What the... " I trailed off. 

Tyler's p.o.v

That was a rude awakening. When Alex was looking out the window, i watched her movements. What did she see? She got her phone out and looked at some picture, i couldn't see it, then back out the window. 

"Alex, lets go back to sleep." She was still focusing on the window, but then she went back to the bed. I pretended to go back to sleep. When she was out i grabbed her phone. A pass-code of course. I tired Niall's name, nope. I tried Christy's name. Nothing.

I put it in as a joke my name "Tyler" And it unlocked. I had a small smile on my face. I went to her gallery and saw what she was looking for. The wolves. The guys. I saw the blood around them, probably went out hunting. I sighed and put her phone back where i found it. She really likes me?

I looked down at her, she looked so innocent when she was sleeping. I laid down, wrapping my arms around her waist. I didn't go back to sleep, it was nearly 9 o'clock. When i saw the door knob slowly turn, i moved my arms, and got up and went to the door. "There's something out front for you, better have it now or it will rot." I sighed and went out for breakfast.

Alex's p.o.v

I woke up and Tyler was gone, i grabbed my phone and walked out of the room and into the living room. I saw something out front, maybe those wolves? I quietly went to the door and saw a different wolf with the others. 7 wolves. I took a picture of them all. They were beautiful!

I walked closer to the door, but i tripped and made a noise and they all looked up. I froze as i stared at them. I wanted to go out there, but ... i ignored what i shouldn't be doing, and i opened the door slightly and stepped out. I think i scared one of them away. They didn't take their eyes off of me, i climbed up a little ways from the ground and watched them. 

They looked at each other and continued to do what they were doing. I always some what liked wolves, they are innocent creatures. One of them was walking to where i was, i tried getting up higher, but i couldn't. I was getting scared. "Go away... shoo!" The wolf just stayed there, walking a little bit closer. "TYLER!!" I yelled. But no one came. I was looking down on this thing, i was terrified. The wolf walked a little bit closer and climbed some. 

"TYLER!" Still nothing. I saw one of the others wolves whimpering, but i ignored it, looking down at this thing below me. I felt some tears fall from my eyes. These are wild animals!! "Go!" The other wolf ran off, towards the back yard. At least there is only 5 left. "TYLER!!" I tried yelling again. This time the door flung open. "Alex. Calm down... they wont hurt you." I looked at him like he was a crazy person.

"Stop crying please..." He rubbed the back of his neck. I looked down at the wolf, that was backing away. The 5 wolves left and ran towards the woods. Tyler ran over to me, and i just climbed down and hugged him, and cried into his chest. "I called you 3 times..." He rubbed my back. "I'm sorry..." 

We stayed like this for 5 minutes. We finally got out of the hug, and i wiped my eyes. "Alex, im sorry i didn't hear you..." "It's f-fine..." 

Tyler's p.o.v

Well this plan went down hill. She is terrified of wolves! Well, technically  Louis, but wolves. I feel like a bad person, the lads wouldn't let me go and change, i whimpered and tried talking to them, but they said not yet. 

I stared down at her, she was innocent... i don't know if we can tell her now... "Lets go inside." She nodded in agreement, i wrapped my arm around her and we walked up to the house. Tonight was a full moon. We have to tell her but... I let her go, after she went to her room i looked to all the lads. "We need to tell her before it gets dark." The others agreed, but a couple of them, it was already starting. Their eyes were wolf eyes. 

"I think we need to do this now." The lads changed into wolves and followed me to her room. "Sit!" They all obeyed and i opened the door and shut it behind me. "Alex... i have something to tell you. You can't freak out at all." She looked at me curiously. "We.... all of us.... are... were wolves." She looked at me in disbelief. "Those red eyes... Liams, they aren't contacts they are wolf eyes." "Tyler, you have to be ki-" "I'll show you." I changed my eyes, light brown, wolf eyes. She looked at me, and seemed surprised. I let my teeth come out to. "What the hell..." She said covering her mouth. 

"Don't freak out, the lads are behind the door." I opened the door and they slowly came in. "You guys a-are...." We nodded. She backed up some on her bed. "Wolves..." She said to herself. 

"You guys are... pretty... big... wolves.." She said talking about the others. I laughed. Well, we have to be. Tonight we need to get you out of here... you have to ride on us. We can't take the truck because it's a full moon and we are stuck in these forms... for the night." She didn't seem as scared. "Which one of you was below me..." 

Louis walked up. "Which..."

"Louis." Louis went back to being human, well some what, besides the eyes and teeth. She threw a pillow at him. "You jerk! Scaring me like that!" We all laughed, all of us in normal ish state.

Alex's p.o.v

Were wolves!! I have been around were wolves?! After i threw the pillow at Louis i looked at all the other lads. Their eye's are beautiful. "That dream.... when i thought about those puppies..." "That's us." Niall said. I stared at their eyes, how is this possible! "Are there... m-more of you?" "Our family's... some other people of course." I nodded looking at the pictures i took. "You guys are big ass wolves. *Probably as big as the wolves from twilight or a tad bit smaller! Just saying!*

They laughed. "We are protectors..." I looked at Liam, who was more changed then the others, his red eyes, teeth, claws... "Why is Liam more changed then you?" "It changes every full moon." I nodded, still freaked out by this. Were wolves...

Liam was a wolf completely around 3:15 P.M. I stared at him. The other lads were quiet, watching my reaction. "How is this possible." They shrugged their shoulders. "Our grand parents know more then us." I called Liam over, and i petted him. "Are all of you guys soft?" They laughed. "Sure?" Tyler responded. "Can you guys talk in full wolf form...?" "No, Liam is stuck like this for the rest of the night. We can communicate still, telepathically. We can read each others thoughts... even your mind." Great! They all know i have a crush on Niall and Tyler. "Oh.." I said slightly blushing. 

They laughed. Liam perked up and looked out the window. We all looked that way and saw something glowing in the woods. A set of Purple eyes. "Who is.." Tyler grabbed me and put my on the floor next to my bed. Tyler went to the window and said "Shit!" I glanced up at the window, the purple eyes, walking away. "W-what?" Tyler's eyes were looking more like Liam's eyes, but a light brown. He was changing, it was weird watching this. I guess he was talking to the lads, it stayed silent for 15 minutes, well for me that is. "What are you guys talking about?" Dylan looked up at me. 

"We... might have to....... change you."


Well... its finals all week! So... i'll try updating but... with all of this sizzle sticks i might not be able to :( 

But trust me, i will try updating and Friday is only half a day of school so. CHRISTMAS BREAK I WILL UPDATE A LOT!

haha. I have oral presentations tomorrow and Tuesday... i am scared to death to talk in front of people... um... i will see you all later! Hope you like this so far, i know some of you do


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