Hi. I'm Alex, and i have been scared for most of my life. My mum died when I was younger and I have been with my dad. Strange things have been going on and I never understood till now. Till after I met the 7 lads I call, my Protectors


3. Chap 2


I dont know why i picked July, that is summer time but.... whatever im changing it to May

May 18 3:12 P.M

After School Christy and i raced out front, waiting for the boys. "This is perfect!" Christy sighed happily. "Dude i know... Tyler is just so.... and Niall.... i think i could die!"

"Well, i see you call dibs on those two.." "And i see you call dibs on your two." We literally just talk about them for 6 minutes till we see them. "Hello ladies. Ready?" We nodded and they stayed behind us while we were whispering to each other and texting.

Tyler's P.O.V

I tried not to laugh, becaue of our super hearing... "Tyler is mine! They are gorgeous!" I looked to the other lads who were trying not to laugh. "Well, you have a crush on Tyler and Niall. But i will end up dating Louis or Dylan one way or another." I put my hand over my mouth and looked to them both. Louis raised his eye brows up and down and i laughed. 

"Whats so funny?" Alex asked. "Nothing, Just Louis telling a funny joke." She turned around and they continued to walk. Their hair was long! Alex had long brown wavy hair.... she was tall and skinny. And that shade of blue.. impossible to find and forget.

Christy, Long blonde hair. Same height as Alex, and skinny. Her green, green eyes, were adorable. She would be perfect for Louis or Dylan. I stopped with my thoughts, he was near. And we heard a shot in the distance. I looked to the others, their eyes kind of wide. Shit.

Alex's p.o.v

While we were talking we heard Liam speak up. "Hey im going to run ahead, i'll be back okay?" We nodded and he ran over the hill. Odd. *15 minutes later* Liam came back and he just went back to the guys. I looked to Christy and she shrugged her shoulders. 

Liam's p.o.v

Once i was over the hill i quickly changed and ran to the house. Once i got there i saw the car door open and the garage. I quickly sniffed the air and went to the car, some blood. I followed the trail to the garage and i saw Mike standing there. 

I whimpered and sniffed him. "Liam... I'm fine. The gun messed up and i burned my hand some, no big deal." I was human again. "We thought it was John, he is in the area." "Great... all of you hanging out with Alex?" I nodded. "Great. Well see you all real soon, go back." I ran all the way back and told the guys it was fine. *20 minutes later*  We arrived to her house and she introduced us to Mike. We all played along and shook his hand. "Okay you guys be good." "We will." Alex said and we went up to her room. "You can put your bags anywhere." We just put them at the end of her bed and looked around her room.

Alex's p.o.v 

"I'll be back." They all nodded and i went outside and towards the hill. I laid down on the grass and i let out a long sigh. I am i think friends with the hottest guys i have ever seen! But i felt like i was being watched, i looked behind me, and i saw Tyler walking over to me. 

"What are you doing?"He laughed, sitting down next to me. "Laying here, i love being out here." He laid down also, it wasn't dark out, unless this would be perfect. "What do you think your dad would say if we stayed the night here?" "I don't know." "I think he would say yes." 

I looked at him. "I barely know you... and you asked didn't you?" He nodded and smiled. I rolled my eyes and closed my eyes. The sun was bright. "We can come out here later, when it's not as dark.

I laughed and agreed with him. We went back inside and relaxed together.

8:01 P.M 

While the guys were talking, i went outside and laid down on the ground. It was perfect out, not to cold... not to warm. "Alex, where are the boys?" My dad asked. "Probably inside..." He laughed and started walking towards me. "You gotta love the boys huh?" I looked at him weird. "They seem really nice." "Yeah, i suppose." He laughed. I looked out towards the woods, i thought i saw something shine, but i ignored it. But the third time i saw something. "Dad, something is shining in the woods." He looked out and i think he saw it. "I think you should go inside." "Why.." "Go!" I got up quickly and i ran to the house, but i heard something..... something that made me turn around and yell at the top of my lungs. 

"DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!" He fell to the ground, he wasn't moving. "DAD!!" I ran over to him, and i saw the boys running out here also. "Dad wake the fuck up!!!" Tyler grabbed me and pulled me away from him and went back to him. "MIKE!" "Tyler... take the girls.... get them the fuck out of here.... you have to tell them what you are." I was crying, "WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!" I yelled. "You... must stay with these guys.... no matter what!" I wiped my eyes and i saw his chest wasn't moving. "We need to go." Zayn said. "WE CAN'T LEAVE HIM HERE!" I shouted. "We have no choice!" They pulled me to my feet and we ran into the house and went to Christy. "Christy we got to go now." Louis said.

"What the hell?!" She went to me and looked at me for an answer. "My dad is dead." Her eyes grew wide. "I want to go home." She said. The lads shook their heads.  and we all hopped into the truck. "You can't talk about this to anyone." Louis said. She nodded. We got there rather quickly. "I'll text you later." I told her and she nodded. We started driving off. "Where the hell are we going?" "Away from here." I just put my face in my hands, i was sitting in the bed of the truck, with Liam and Zayn. Liam tried comforting me but i pushed his hand away. "Don't touch me!" I cried. Eventually we stopped some where in the woods.

"Alex you have to trust us." Tyler said turning around to face me. "Why would i trust you! i literally just met you!" "No... you didn't. We were friends with you when you were younger. You remember, you always thought it was a dream. We have been friends with your father over the years." I try comprehending what he said. The only thing i thought was a dream was when i thought i was playing with puppies...

"Look we were brought down here to protect you. John is out." I tried ignoring him. He sighed. He got out and hopped into the bed of the truck and traded places with Zayn. "Drive." He nodded and did, Tyler sat next to me and wrapped his arms around me, i was still crying.

I witnessed my dad die in front of my eyes. He was all i have left of family, besides Christy and hers. We were all close. The more i thought about my dad the harder i cried. 

"Don't think about what you just saw...." I couldn't help it... I lost my mum and now my dad. *43 minutes later* We were right out of town and there was a cabin. I looked around. It was creepy here. 

"Come on." Tyler said, helping me out of the truck. "I don't want to be here." I mumbled. "We can't control that..." I sighed, rubbing my eyes. I followed them inside, the cabin was quite big. I sat on the couch that was in there and i looked around, and looked at the guys. What the hell.... is going on? And what my fathers last words were...

 "Tyler... take the girls.... get them the fuck out of here.... you have to tell them what you are."

"What the hell was my dad talking about? What are you?" They all looked at each other. "We don't know... i think you need to get some sleep." I nodded and they put me in a bedroom. I just got into bed and fell asleep.


Look... i don't think im rushing this, but i have different ideas for this.

When will they tell her what they really are? 

What if John found them?

Think about that... until i update later today. It's 12:27 a.m. so yeah

Bye stars! hope you like this movellas


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