Hi. I'm Alex, and i have been scared for most of my life. My mum died when I was younger and I have been with my dad. Strange things have been going on and I never understood till now. Till after I met the 7 lads I call, my Protectors


14. Chap 13





I stayed sitting on the floor next to Alex. I refused to leave her side. I just can't believe she is gone. Out of my grasp. "Tyler, come on you need some sleep." Dylan said. "Never in a million years. She was the best thing in my life, and i somehow let that slip out of my hands." 

Dylan came and sat next to me. "Man, your not the only one who lost her, we all did. It wasn't our faults. We just shouldn't have done this on a full moon." I ran my hands through my hair. "Yeah well she's gone." 

"Hey, she's in a better place, at least she gets to see her dad, right?" I nodded slowly. "What about Christy?" Dylan held his breath in for a minute. "We can't tell her." "Dylan, are you stupid? Those two were best friends and now she went mysteriously missing? We can't hide this from her. Call her now." Dylan just stayed sitting down. I sighed and grabbed his phone and stepped outside to call her.

"Hey Christy, no questions just come on down to Alex's house alright?" "Hello to you to and okay." I hung up the phone and waited outside for her. *15 minutes later* 

"Christy... something happened and, um..... We thought it would be best to tell you in person." She looked at me weird. "Where is Dylan?" He stepped outside at that moment. "Christy listen to him." She gave her attention to me, waiting for what i was about to tell her. "Alex.... is dead.." She just laughed, thinking it was a joke, but when she saw how serious we were she stopped. "You are kidding right?" I shook my head no. "Where the fuck is she?" She walked past us and went straight to the living room. 

"Oh my god..." She put her hand over her mouth. "Christy everything will be fine..." Dylan said walking over to her and hugged her. "What happened... to her?!" She cried out. "Someone... strangled her..." I said through gritted teeth. Dylan just took Christy upstairs and i just looked down on Alex again. I can never like someone as much as i did with Alex. I loved her, yeah we never really said it but... "Alex... i loved you and i always will.... until the day i die, i will see you again sometime. May not happen soon but... eventually i will." I whispered to Alex. 

"Tyler... we need to get rid of her body...." I looked up at.. Niall. "You have got to be kidding me, i am not putting her in the damn ground." "We have to! People are going to notice and we don't want to have her, people will start questioning us." I stood up. "Niall she loved you to. We both know this! She liked both of us. You can't just put her in the ground!" I shouted.

Niall just looked down at her. "Tyler, she is gone." I just rolled my eyes. "Come up stairs for a moment.." I agreed and we all started talking.




Heart slowly beating. Barley breathing. I can hear but not really. I am paralyzed. I can't see, im barley alive. Or am i even that? I hear them talking about me.

But what happened? Heart beat is getting a little faster, almost breathing normal. I am still paralyzed.

I slowly flutter my eyes open, still not able to move. I'm back at home, my arm and neck hurts. I can't look around i'm stuck looking at the ceiling. I can't feel anything... i heard foot steps and i just closed my eyes. "Well, at least move her to her bed." I guess i was being carried up to my room. Once i think i was set down, i heard the door close. I re opened my eyes, i could see the room clearly.

I tried moving my legs, nothing. I concentrated.... After 15 minutes i was finally able to move my legs. The over all time of being able to move my body parts took over an hour. But once i sat up and tried walking, it took 20 minutes to walk again. I looked in the mirror, the bite marks were slowly leaving, my eyes were a completely different color. They were now red with a purple ish color to them. 

I opened my bedroom door quietly, the house was dark... guessing everyone went to bed. I walked to Louis room first. I shut the door behind me and i turned the light on. "Turn it off..." He grumbled, i walked over to him and covered his eyes and mouth. He tried struggling but i was... stronger then him. Once he settled down i slowly moved my hand from his eyes. His eyes grew wide. "Shh!" I told him. He nodded, i moved my hand from his mouth. "Your alive!" He whispered. "Yes i have been for a long time. Took a while to get un paralyzed." "Still! You have to tell the others your awake!" "No! I actually need Derek. Look at my eyes." I showed him, "Yeah stay here." He left the room to go and find Derek. 

5 minutes later, they both came into the room. "Louis what do you..... Alex?" I waved to him. "I need your help. Look at my eyes." I showed him and he stared at them for a while. "That... is very unusual i have never seen this before." Derek said. He started looking through some books that he brought down. "Ahhh.... i see now...Alex you are the first wolf in history to have this color. It has been told that if someone were to have this, they are stronger than any other wolf on the planet. Basically a very very important alpha." Derek said.

I nodded slowly. "Well, lets surprise the lads! You are alive!" "And christy!" I said. We quickly and quietly went down stairs and they put me in the movie room closet. "Wait here will i knock on here four times." They shut the door and ran off. I listened to them walk down and sit on the couch and floor. "Guys i have a surprise for you all..." *1.. 2... 3...4.* I slowly opened the door and all of their eyes went huge. "ALEX?!" Tyler yelled running over to me and basically knocking us both over. The others kind of stood around us, Tyler kissed my cheek and was smiling. "Your Alive!" I laughed "I know..." He got up and then helped me up. 

I walked up to Christy and i hugged her. "I'm glad your okay." She said. "me to..." I said. I left her grasp. "Dylan, maybe its time to send her home. I think her mom is going crazy." He nodded and they went ahead and left. "I'm glad your alive also." Niall and the rest said. I gave them each a hug. "I have to show you guys something." "Whats that?" Tyler said. "My eyes." 

I showed them my new set of wolf eyes. "Derek..." Liam started. "I know, she is the first with that set. She is the most important Alpha in the world." Tyler smiled. "Thats great!" We all laughed. The others decided to go back up stairs and to sleep, while Tyler stayed down stairs with me. 

"What did he do to you before you got killed?" He asked. "A lot of things... The last thing he did... was horrible..." Tyler raised his eye brows. "You are probably reading my mind.." He slowly nodded, i thought about it and his eyes grew wide and sad. "Baby... im so so so sorry we didn't watch over you better." He hugged me tight.

"Wasn't your fault. At least he is dead." We both laughed. "Yes, so he can't hurt you again." I stared at his eyes, they were beautiful. He let his wolf eyes come out. I smiled, as i did the same with mine. I actually stood up and looked in the mirror at my eyes. They were beautiful. Tyler came up behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist. I smiled at him and faced him. Our eyes still glowing. He started to slowly leaned in... i looked down at his lips and leaned in with him. We just closed our eyes and enjoyed that moment. "I just forgot my bag.... Alex!" I heard Christy yell. I opened my eyes and looked at her. 

She automatically just stared at me. I looked at Tyler, yeah they were still glowing. We quickly went to our normal sets and looked at her. "What Christy? You are acting like you have seen a ghost!" She smirked. "Bitch i already know!" She said playfully. Her eyes... "How long were you?!?!" I asked. "Born with it." I looked at Tyler, then back to her. "I hate you." I laughed.

"Actually i hate you. You are the Alpha of all of us." I laughed. "I can't believe my best friend was a damn wolf." She laughed grabbing her bag and leaving. "That was interesting." Tyler said. "Now..." He quickly pushed his lips to mine again. 

My life went by perfectly, besides what happened with John. I'm so lucky i get to spend the rest of my life with Tyler, the guys and my bestie, Christy.


The End!!!!!!!

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