Hi. I'm Alex, and i have been scared for most of my life. My mum died when I was younger and I have been with my dad. Strange things have been going on and I never understood till now. Till after I met the 7 lads I call, my Protectors


12. Chap 11



It was the first day of training, of course on a full moon. He thought it would be good for controlling... just to see what he needed to work with. "Okay Alex..." He glances back to behind me "And lads.. We are going to see how well you can control yourself during the full moon." I nodded, the moon was nearly there, the lads would be full wolf and i had to try and remain human. You would think it wouldn't be hard for a part wolf. But Derek says half wolves are harder to control.

"The moon is up......." The lads were completely formed and i felt the teeth coming. "Control it... focus on something." I started thinking about Tyler, i felt the teeth going away. He was half smiling. I guess im doing a good job!

The feeling was coming again, i focused on Tyler. "Your doing well so far." I looked at the ground, it was getting harder. The teeth and claws were coming, i tried focusing but it wasn't working. "Alex... Focus....." It was getting worse. "I can't!" I looked up towards him, closed my eyes.... Tyler....

"This is going to be a long night." Derek said leaning up against the tree. *30 minutes later*

It got so much worse, the teeth were full on out, the claws, my eyes. "Alex!" Derek yelled, i couldn't control my actions, i started running off in the opposite direction, he was chasing me as were the other lads. "This was all Louis's fault!" I thought angrily to myself.

"CHRISTY! BABE! please!" "FUCK OFF BLAKE!" She slammed the door shut. I ran straight for her house, i saw Blake and i stopped about 9 feet in front of him. "What the hell?" He asked. "You don't fuck around with my friend, can't you take a hint?" He seemed scared, before i realized it... i killed him.

"ALEX WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!" Derek yelled, i ran off towards the park. I saw some guy trying to rape some girl. The girl was the same bitch who tried hitting on Tyler. I managed to hide my eyes and teeth. "What the hell are you looking at?" The girl asked. Oh my bad, not rape. What a slut. "You guys are about to die...." I said lightly singing it. They stopped and stared at me. My eyes and teeth came instantly and i killed them both in an instant. 

"WE LOST HER!" I heard Derek say. I laughed and ran down towards the city. Bright lights... I saw Christy. Oh no. She was on the phone wit someone... her mom. "Honey, come home! You broke up with him... but i don't know what happened!" "MOM BLAKES DEAD. WHAT IF WHATEVER KILLED HIM GOES AFTER DYLAN?!" I started following her... I couldn't control what i was doing!

"Honey i doubt it, please come home!" Christy just hung up the phone and continued to cry. I was right behind her... i started raising my hands about to kill her when i felt someone pull me into the alley. I was pushed hard against the ground... against the wall... i couldn't see! Whoever was doing this had something blocking my eyes.

"You've been a bad girl..." I was kicked a few times, then my world was black.... and i felt the person throw me into the trunk.

*Skips this ride*

My head was throbbing, my legs sore, arms weak. I was chained up against a wall, blindfold over my eyes, cloth in my mouth. The full moon must be over because i don't have the teeth, claws, or eyes. 

"Hello... Alex." I raised my eyebrows, i forgot i couldn't talk. "Shhh...." I felt something long and pointy glide slowly across my neck. "You may or may not know who i am... but i know who you are... what you are.... were the same."

He took the tape off, then blindfold. "Were the same." He had the purple eyes. I felt my heart race. "Do you know who i am sweetheart?" I studied his face.... purple eyes... but... no.. "No..." I leaned my head back, feeling tears come to my eyes. "Yes. You are going to be here a while, so get comfortable." He left the room, i started crying. I can't be here with him. I frantically looked around the rooms. One small window, and cement walls surrounding me.

"I tried signaling Tyler... "TYLER?! HELP!" I Quickly got a response. "Where are you?!" "I'm trapped... he got me. I'm scared." I couldn't read his mind anymore, i got a horrible headache, "I'm sorry darling, no need to try contacting people. That is a big no." I Glared at him.

I'm stuck here with John... he caught me, im not a full wolf. Not enough training to protect myself... He is 1/3 of the rare purple eyes wolves. If i don't listen, he can kill me. 


Well im sorry i haven't updated i have been busy with school

and i have been talking with my BF... and i just forgot to get on here. This will probably be once a week update thing. Maybe during the weekends, no not counting this one.

This weekend im having my Boy friend over so we can play Mario Cart *He thinks he can beat me. Nope!*

He actually gave ideas for this chapter. 

So part of this chapter ideas is from him. Well i have to go, i have an ART Journal to finish... I GOT OUT OF SPANISH ALSO!!!

WOOHOO! lol some of you guys would get it if you read my other stories. 



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