Hi. I'm Alex, and i have been scared for most of my life. My mum died when I was younger and I have been with my dad. Strange things have been going on and I never understood till now. Till after I met the 7 lads I call, my Protectors


2. chap 1 part 2 *continues


8:45 p.m. Friday July 15   *Doug is Christy's nick name and Garriyn's is Grant*


I have been freaking out since he told me that. All my life... i was in a huge amount of danger and didn't think shit about it! I run my hands through my hair and texted Christy.

Me: "Doug, i just found out something that is horrible!

Christy: What?

Me: I am in danger! Some guy has been sending people out to kill me for a long time... and i found out when i was younger he tried killing me. He was the reason my mum died

Christy: Holy shit... you want me to come over?

Me: Yes, spend the night?

Christy: Anything for you girl! Grant?

Me: Not this time... i will tell her eventually but i just need one person.

Christy: Alright im coming now. Bye!

Me: Bye.

"Dad!!" I yelled and he came up. "Yeah?" "Christy is spending the night." "Alright sweety." He smiled and left. *15 minutes later* "Girl, tell me who this freak is."

I laughed and hugged her. "All i know is that his name is John." "If i found this shit out i would be freaking out and asking a lot of questions." "I know but i think i just to let this settle in."

We started listening to music for a while. 

Mike's p.o.v

I got a text from the guys that they were here, i quickly went to the garage door and let the 7 in. "Guys please, be human! Did you even bring any stuff?" "Yes, it's already at our new flat, where is your daughter?" "Alex is up stairs with her friend. Where is Dylan?" Tyler and Niall just smirked. "He's comin." I laughed, these boys are always up to something. 

"Alright you guys are the best." "were going to climb up to the window, we need to see her. Besides, if she see's us.... yeah." "Alright, wolf up and get outta here." We all laughed and they left the my daughters window.

Alex's p.o.v

"Christy stop it!!" I grabbed a pillow and started beating her with it. "No! You were laughing at me for liking Charles." "Oh well! Your lucky Charles is kind of cute." WE continued this.

I looked towards the window, i thought i saw something move. But i don't think.. "What are you looking at?" She went to the window, and looked from left to right. "Nothing weirdo!" I hit her again. "Ugh you bitch." She laughed and teased. "Thank you, thank you!" I laughed and threw the pillow at her and ran out of the room. "ALEX!!" She screamed.

"Shush Christy! I'm trying to hide from you!" I went outside and ran towards the back yard. I ran to the top of the hill and laid down. I was breathing heavily. It was cold, you could see your breath, the sky was clear.. it was night out. The stars are as bright as can be and the moon was almost full.

It was breath taking. I grabbed my phone, and texted her asking where she went.

"Behind you." I jumped and she fell to the ground laughing. "Hey, is your dad letting you go on the school trip?" She asked me. "I have no clue... i mean... it's PARIS!!!" She sighed. "But with that gay weirdo coming out soon... would he?" I shrugged my shoulders. "He might, after he sends like 100 body guards with me." "What if he did... some of your "Protectors" Could be smokin!" I hit her shoulder. 

"Ow! I'm just saying." "Yeah yeah yeah, come on lets go to bed." We ran up the stairs, changed and finally went to sleep.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The next day kind of went by fast. We both slept until 7:20 p.m. the next day. "Damn we over slept by a long shot." I said sitting up. "No shit!" I grabbed my phone and i looked though it, nothing new except for the usual. "Same old shit but a different day." I said showing her my phone. "Ignore that bitch, luckily she wont be going to Paris!" I smiled and put my phone in my bra as i quickly changed into skinny jeans and a crop top. "You can borrow anything! I'll be out by the hill." "Alright." I quietly went down the stairs and noticed the door to the garage was open. "What? He's where?" "We smell him, he is getting close." "Shit... um... stay near here?" "Yeah." "I heard my daughter say she was going to the hill, out back..." I left after that and ran up there. I looked around me what the hell was he talking about and who was he talking to?

Doug was soon out here next to me. "You take forever!" "Shut up, i wanted a cute shirt." I laid down, and stared at the perfect sky. "Beautiful right?" She said, her head laying near my feet. "Very..."

Mike's p.o.v

I whistled out and the guys all quickly came. "How close is he?" "Too close for our comfort." "Distract him, 4 of you stay." Niall, Louis, Tyler, and Dylan stayed behind, the others left. "Thanks." "No problem man."

Tyler's p.o.v

"Let's go we have a job to do." We ran on all fours, over in the woods behind some trees. They were both so pretty. "Tyler.... " Niall growled. "Doug, what if were forever alone." She laughed and im guessing Christy hit her. "You will be! Not me. If im going to Paris, ima meet some cute guys." 

"Whatever! Ugh... i am still waiting for that perfect someone." "What if they tried killing you." They started punching each other play fully. "What if i killed you." They laughed and looked up at the stars. "This will be hard explain our selves to her if we have to." I said to them. "I know... But what about the blonde? What if John goes after her?" I looked to both of them. "I... don't know." 

Then i saw near the house, Harry and the others. I smelt something, he was here. "We have no choice to take her now. He see's them." Within the next 30 minutes John left..... we have no choice to take them both now. Great...


Alex's p.o.v 6:30 a.m. Monday July 18

I got up and got dressed for school. The usual, i put on a pair of skinny jeans and tank top on. Grabbing my phone and jacket. I put mascara on and perfume. "Dad! I'm leaving!" "You walking?" "Yeah!" I grabbed my head phones and phone and started heading out the door. "Be careful." I smiled to him and waved by. I put head phones in my ears and played "Right Now." It's my favorite song. I texted Doug the whole way to school. "ALEX!!" She yelled when i got there. "What the hell! It's to early for all this energy." "7 HOT GUYS!!!!" Whenever she says someone is hot, she usually is. I followed her and i saw them. "Oh my god...." Was all i could say. "They are walking towards us?" Christy said excitedly. There was two that caught my eye. A guy with black hair, brown eyes, and a tan.... and a blonde. Blue eyes, mhmmm... "Hello." The blonde said to us. "Um.. H-hi?" We said. "C'mon we know were hot..." The guy i liked teased. "New?" They nodded. "I'm Tyler, that's Dylan, Niall, Louis, Zayn, Harry, and Liam." "Hello." Christy and i said. "What about you two?"

"That's Christy... and i'm Alex." They smiled. "Well nice to meet you two, where are your lockers?" I pointed to mine. "Right in between Mine and Niall's perfect." Tyler smirked. I could feel myself blush some. "Christy's is right next to Louis's and Dylans." "Well, see you both later." Louis said, as they all walked off. "THEY ARE SO HOT!!" Chirsty half shouted. "SHHH! They are literally still right there." I pointed to them turning the corner. "Let them hear, i saw how you looked at Nial and Tyler."

I rolled my eyes. "Let's go class is about to start." We walked to science together and we had the 7. They were standing up front, waiting to be seated once everyone is in. I sat in my usual spot, last in the second row. Christy in front of me. "Niall Tyler, next to Alex. Dylan Louis, Next to Christy, Harry Zayn, Next to emily. Liam next to Josh. Once everyone was seated the lesson started. Christy turned to face me and i could tell she was wanting to scream. I laughed and she turned around. "Today everyone will work in groups of  four and one group of five. Those new guys automatically looked at Christy and I. I'm not telling them no!

On my team is Tyler, Niall, and Harry. Christy had Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Dylan. We got our poster and some coloring pencils and went to the hall. "Can you draw?" Niall asked me. "Sometimes.." It was a animal tie line, we had to write the years they came here and put the animals in the right column. I started with what we have now, i decided t draw a cat and wolf. 

"Your wolf is the best." Harry said. "Yeah... but my poor cat!" They laughed. "I can fix it." Tyler said. I smirked and watched him draw the cat. "So much detail.." I said looking at it when he was finished. He laughed. I'm falling.... falling hard for Tyler... I looked over at Christy's group and she was basically drooling over Dylan and Louis. 

I decided to let them draw... i just sat there and watched. "You can colour the wolf and cat if you want." Niall said. "Theres no room between you and Tyler." They slid over some, i just grabbed some and started on the cat. I made it simple, a calico. Grey, orange, and white. "You like calicos?" Harry asked. I nodded, not looking up because i wanted to draw the wolf. The fur was black, eyes orange. If i ever saw something like this i would die.

I looked up at them and they smiled. "Hey we have a question... can we maybe.. hang out after school?" Tyler asked. "All of us? All of them too?" He nodded. "CHRISTY!" Her head shot up. "Want to come over after school, the guys are." She nodded and the bell rang. We quickly put our stuff up and we had all of our classes with them! Soon... school was over for the next 2 weeks! Perfect

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