Unexpected Additions||N.H.

What happens when two long time friends hook up and others find out? Find out in Unexpected Additions!


3. the party

Anyways, back to the story. It was becoming harder and harder to resist, since seven minutes in heaven

There was a big party last Friday, and Heather was sick, so I went alone. Once I got there, instantly I saw Niall. I wasn't surprised, due to this was a senior party, and I was a sophomore. We sat and talked for a while, then Mya (the hostess) announced to enter names for seven minutes in heaven.

"What the heck, why not?" I said "you want to Niall?"

"Sure, I don't see why not." He said.

We went up, and entered our names. About a half an hour later, Mya announced that Niall and I would be going into the closet for seven minutes of heaven. I was so excited! We went in, and it was very awkward. We started to talk, then out of nowhere, he leaned forward, and our lips met. I instantly thought the house was going to go up in flames from it, it lasted about five minutes. In fact, we were stilling making out when Mya came in, and said our seven minutes were up. When we went back to the living room, we swore that we wouldn't tell Heather, because she would be furious. The rest of the night went by quickly, and we left at about 11:30 I was planning on having a sleepover with Heather tonight, so I rode with Niall back to his house.

The ride home was awkward, and neither of us talked. We finally got home, and I went upstairs to greet Heather. She looked like shit, her hair was everywhere, her makeup was smeared all over her face, and her cheeks were bright red. Niall and I went to the living room, to watch a movie. We watched The Purge, and at all the scary parts, i cuddled up close to him. We ended up falling asleep like that, my head on his chest and his arm around my shoulders.

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