Unexpected Additions||N.H.

What happens when two long time friends hook up and others find out? Find out in Unexpected Additions!


11. the concert

About a month later, the boys were performing on New Year's Eve! They were all so excited. We were all getting ready, (we all including Heather got invited to the after party!) when I got a text from my best friend, (besides Heather) Emma.

(E-Emma M-Megan)

E- heyyyy watcha doing

M- nothing, just getting ready for a party

E- OOHHH can I come?!?!

M- of course, pick u up at 8:30

E- Kk c u then!

M- bye. Wear something nice!

Heathers outfit~ a green and black zebra print strapless tight dress, that stopped right above the knees. Fishnet tights, and Black stilettos. She straightened her long brown hair. She put on gold eyeshadow, black liner, and some of foundation. She wore a bright pink tinted baby lips lip gloss, and picked her favorite clutch, in which she put her phone, i.d. money, and her baby lips incase she needs to reapply.

My outfit~ bright pink bandage dress, with thin straps. White stillettos, and lace tights. I applied bright pink eyeshadow, with white liner. I put on bright, but soft, pink lipstick. I decided just to stick my phone, money, and i.d. in my bra.

"Let's go girls were gonna be late!!" Louis yelled.

"Five minutes! Calm your jets!" Heather yelled.

We went down stairs, and got in the car. I sat on Nialls lap, since we were short a seat and still had to get Emma. Heather looked at us and cocked her head, but shrugged it off and went on her phone. Harry was the driver.

"Can we swing by and grab Emma on the way? I told her she could come too." I said to Harry, noticing Zayns eyes dart up from his phone. I giggled quietly.

When we grabbed Emma, she had to sit on Zayns lap. The car ride there was quiet, until the boys decided to rehearse. They WMYB LWWY and midnight memories. We got to the party just in time for them to perform.

***note*** cliff hanger!! Hahaha. I will try to update tomorrow. Courtney, don't worry you are gonna be in the next chapters! Luv ya all! Happy New Year's Eve eve!

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