Unexpected Additions||N.H.

What happens when two long time friends hook up and others find out? Find out in Unexpected Additions!


1. Him💖

It was becoming harder and harder to resist, he is just perfect. But, he's my best friends brother, and I couldn't do that to her. Oh by the way, my name is Megan, and my best friend Heather's brother, Niall, is so georgeous, its hard not to stare. Also, he is part of the biggest band in the world! I knew him before the fame though, before the bleached hair, and all the celebrity drama. Before everything. I think he knows I have feels, because recently he's been dropping hints that he does to. Just the other day, we got in a tickle fight, and he came pretty close to my bum. His friends keep saying he likes me, but I don't know if i believe them. If it weren't for Heather being his sister, we would've probably already been dating. We have shared so many moments, from dirty minded, to just plain funny moments. We've hung out since we were really young, so were really close.

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