Unexpected Additions||N.H.

What happens when two long time friends hook up and others find out? Find out in Unexpected Additions!


8. hanging out.

... After that, Niall suggested everyone get their bathing suits on, and we go swimming. So, we all got ready, and went swimming. The boys and Heather were all swimming, and I was sitting in a fold back lawn chair, chilling. Just then everything got quiet. I heard some whispering, then I saw Niall and Harry get out of the pool. I heard them creep up behind me, then i hear them yell...

"1 2 3 NOW!" They yelled as Harry grabbed my arms, and Niall grabbed my legs. They picked me up, and threw me into the pool. They also jumped in. I splashed around trying to push them under. We played in the pool for a few hours, and we got bored.

It was about 3:00 when we got out and got dressed. We put back on our clothes from this morning. We then decided to go bowling. Niall drove the boys, and I drove Heather and I.

When we got to the bowling alley, we had to divide into teams. It was Niall, Heather and I against the rest of the boys. Niall was getting hungry, so we got a pizza. It was a large meat lovers. By the end of bowling, the boys team had beaten our team by 20 points.

**note** Sunday isn't over yet, I will finish that day tomorrow! Luv ya all, night!

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