Secret Life

I'm far from typical, okay?
Everybody who knows me, knows that.
But I still have huge sections of my life that I haven't told ANYONE, but I'm gonna tell you.
I've done some bad things, and I just can't stop.


1. me.

Oh, me?

Well let me tell you about me...

I'm twenty years old, and I have very short blonde hair. Bleached blonde, with my black roots coming through. I have darker skin, like a Russian or something. Not as dark as a black woman, or even Indian. But I am very tan, which makes my hair stand out. My eyes too.

My eyes are a very luminescent light blue. Almost grey, almost haunting. The Windows To The Soul they say. Well I'm glad nobody gets close enough to me to see through my windows because my soul is awfully dark. No one wants to see all that.

I'm single & I have no steady job. I like to steal things and pawn them, though. That's usually how I get by. It's bad, but it's not the worse thing that I do. I'm different than everybody else.

I'm also very short. Five-foot-three and done growing. Makes it very easy to sneak around and get things to sell later, you know? Makes me faster to get away from the police too. The only bad thing about that is everyone thinks I'm about sixteen if I wear a jacket or something that covers up my tattoos, then no one takes me seriously.

My tattoos? Yeah, I have quite a few. Two whole sleeves plus a hot pinup girl on my ankle/ lower leg. I love tattoos, but I'm so broke.

Oh, I forgot! My name, eh? Well.. It's different every day. I suppose I should tell you my birthname, since I plan on telling you everything else, but not yet. Right now, just call me Vex.

Vex the thief. Vex the rockstar. Vex. The girl you never want to meet.

Sadly, it's true, no one should be my friend. I'll probably steal from you, hurt you emotionally and maybe physically. I'll mooch, because I only have a one bedroom trailer, cheap barely-running car and a guitar to my name. I'll want to stay at your house and use all your stuff and eat all your food, so... No, you don't want to be with me. But people always try. Always.

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