Secret Life

I'm far from typical, okay?
Everybody who knows me, knows that.
But I still have huge sections of my life that I haven't told ANYONE, but I'm gonna tell you.
I've done some bad things, and I just can't stop.


2. life.

Here's the thing: thing have escalated. Everyone thought that my life was out of control before, but now? Now even I think so.

I've been running away from the law since I was fourteen. Fighting, stealing, and more fighting. Nothing serious, of course, but the cops have had me on a watch list. Last year, I had to move cities because I drove a getaway car for some petty gasstation-robber because he said he'd give me 250 dollars for helping. I got two hundred, and now I'm basically banned from town. Woop.

But still, I was still in-control. Now? Now, I'm not. I don't know what's going on anymore. And I'm scared, but I like it. I like what's happening, even though I know it's wrong. It's so wrong, it's so wrong.

I'm hiding a serial killer in my closet.

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