Secret Life

I'm far from typical, okay?
Everybody who knows me, knows that.
But I still have huge sections of my life that I haven't told ANYONE, but I'm gonna tell you.
I've done some bad things, and I just can't stop.


3. bad girl.

Yeah, I know. I know, I know.

But you know that killer that's been all over tv? The one that's "still at large, killed fifteen" ? Yeah, that's him.

It'd make more sense if I'd befriended him BEFORE I knew about the murders, but no, I hid him because I witnessed one, and I liked him. Covered in blood, and wielding a knife: I took him home and let him shower. I cleaned his clothes, and made him food.

It's like I became his friend. And why? Why would I do that? Why would I become a friend to a psychopath? Maybe I was one too...

But it's been three days, and he's still here. Still dwelling in my closet.

Why my closet? Because, it was empty and it was hidden. Who'd suspect if have someone living in my closet anyways? Not the police for sure.

We don't talk much. During the day, I'm out stealing from unlocked cars and occasionally meeting weirdos who let me into their house. I'd steal things there too... Then I'd pawn everything off. The owners of the stores know what's up, they just don't care. It's helping them too. It doesn't get me much money, but it's gets me enough to sustain me and my murderer...

I made him a bed in there. It's a pretty big closet. I switched the hook-and-latch lock to the inside, so he could lock it from the inner area, and I couldn't lock him in from outside. We treat each other with respect. And why do I never turn him in? And why doesn't he ever kill me? I have no idea...

I've came to the accept the fact that I'm going to jail. Prison, maybe. I mean, I'm aiding a serial killer! Sometimes I sit there and think: why? How? What am I doing with my life? But then I'll come home and see the closet light on and I'll imagine him killing that girl ...or my enemies. All shirtless and bloody.. And I romanticize it! I just.. I'm crazy.

Because.... I think he's hot...

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