Splashed with love [Liam Payne]

Jess Water's is an 17 year-old girl with a big dream of becoming a proffesional swimmer and go to the olympic's.
But her life goes from happy to sad when her and her mom, Anna get injured in a car crash. Their injuries are awfully serious and they are in the border of life and death.
Liam payne and his band member's just happen to stop by the hospital but, Jess catches his eye.
Will he teach her to love swimming with a passion just like she used to? Or will he leave her when she most need's it?


1. Him


Chapter 1 <3


"Are you going to buy apple's?" I said to my mom as we walked through the aisle's of the grocery store. My mom sighed "Do you want apple's?" I thought about it. I don't really eat healthy food anyway's so...

"How 'bout jolly rancher's!" I beamed. My mom chuckled "If you're planning on being a pro simmer you have to at-least eat an apple, love" I groaned and fake pouted. "Fine, but just this time" My mom nodded happily while I made my way to where the apple's were.



~After about fifteen more minute's we exited the grocery store~


"Oh my gosh, did you hear that Emily is coming back for the summer, she just texted me!" I said jumping up and down while giggling. 


"Huh, Emily's back. That's great" My mom said with fake excitement. I rolled my eye's at her tone. "Why don't you like her?" I asked her for like the 60th time of my life. She sighed like she always does when I ask her this. "I told you. She's a fake friend to you. She uses you and I don't like that."


That's so not true. Emily is a great friend. Sure, sometime's she get's bossy and ask's me for a-lot of my stuff and uses my money but, hey... a friend is a friend...right?


"That's not true mom, you're just mad because of what happened that other time" I said crossing my arm's over my chest.


My mom glared to herself, probably thinking about what happened that day. Let me explain this in a short summary.


Emily was playing a prank on some girl she was jealous of. she put naked picture's of her all over the locker's, and wall's. The principle found out it was Emily who put those picture's but Emily blame. The end.


"Anyway's Emily is coming today in the night" I said checking my watch. It was now, 5:45 pm. Emily will be coming at about 10:30 pm which give's me time to walk around and draw.


"Can you drop me off at the park?" I asked my mom while putting my phone in my mustache school bag. She nodded. I'm not that much of a mommy's girl. Actually, I rarely even talk to my mom. When we talk we always end up fighting or disagreeing in some way.


I'm more of a daddy's girl. My brother is a daddy's boy too. His name is Justin. He is the best brother someone could ask for. He's 19 year's old and has a wonderful girlfriend that is like a sister to me. Her name's Alejandra Montez, she's very smart and very pretty.


My brother and me look alot alike. We both have blond hair except that mine kind of brown mixed with blond highlight's. Some people call it dirty-blond but, it's not exactly that color.


My eye's are blue and my skin look's like I just got a tan. I was almost like my brother which is great because he look's... okay. 




"We're here" My mom said once we reached the park. I smiled at her and got out of the car. I closed the door and I was received  with cool air. Not that cold, not that hot. It was perfect.


I love Australia. I lived in america  but, my family moved here not long enough...about 5 month's ago? I really don't remember.


I sat down on one of the bench's at the park. I looked around and saw a group of guy's running around playing some sort of game. I smiled and began to draw them.


I drew them slowly and carefully not wanting to do any mistake's on their feature's.

When I was finished I stood up and walked up to them.


I smiled shyly when they stopped playing and noticed me. "Hi" I waved at them. "Hello, love" Said at brown-eyed guy with a quiff.  I smiled "Not to sound stalker-ish but, um... I love to draw and I just so happen to see you guy's and I decided to draw all of you playing...whatever you were playing. I don't like keeping my drawing's if they aren't of people I know so, um... Here" I said handing them the drawing I made of them.


I saw a guy with dark black hair gasp as he saw the drawing. "It's a draft but, if you don't want it-"

"No! It's amazing. I like to draw too. Maybe you could teach me some stuff?" He asked. That made my smile grow "Sure, my name's Jess Paris Waters." I said shaking the boy's hand's.


"I'm Zayn, this is Liam, Harry, Niall and Louis" He said introducing me to all of them."Hey, um. Do you want to become a artist or something because you are excellent" Said harry with a dimpled smile. I sighed "No, I want to become a pro swimmer. Like my dad... I want to complete the dream he didn't get to accomplish"

"Oh, i'm sorry for your loss" They mumbled. I chuckled as a tear slipped out of my eye. "He died 3 year's ago and I'm still crying about it" I looked at my hand's and back at the boy's.


"I should go, bye" I said walking away slowly. Liam came up to me. "Can I have your number?" He asked sweetly. I nodded while taking his phone out of his hand's and typed my digit's in.
















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