The heartthrob that doesn't know he's a heartthrob. The guy that never leaves the fine arts hall. The christian that goes to church three times a week. The senior with the burning blue eyes. He's a virgin that has me under a spell. And while I'm busy trying to steal his virginity, he's stealing my heart.
He's Bradley.


10. Ten

"What did you get for number 14?" I asked Lindsey, this girl in my physics class. 

"Um... x equals vt." She was my partner for the assignment, not exactly my friend. Whenever someone gets paired with me, its like they get scared. They do nervous things like tap their pencil and shake their foot. Its awkward, but entertaining. "I'll just finish the worksheet at home." she gathered her things anxiously and stuffed our paper in her folder as the other kids in the class prepared to storm out. Lindsey was about to walk away, until she whipped back around. "Cherry? Can I ask you something?"


"Are you dating Brad Taylor?" I stood to my feet and stared at her with cold eyes.

"Where did you hear something like that?" 

"I-I didn't- I.... Um, I-" The bell rang, and she zipped through the crowd like lightning. I snatched my bag and walked to my study hall. 


I sat in the library, studying for my latin test but I couldn't concentrate. So I put my review packet away and started painting my nails. The bright shade of royal blue had just hit my nail bed when a blonde guy approached me. "This is what you do in study hall?" I smiled and looked up at Brad. 

"What are you doing here?" I asked. "You don't have this period." 

"I came to get a book for my history project." He leaned in to kiss me, and I pulled away. 

"What are you doing?" I cleared my throat and shoved some hair behind my ear. 

"I was trying to kiss you." He picked up my hand and tried to look into my eyes. There was a guy looking at us from the corner of the room. I casually dragged my hand away. "Are you alright?" 

"Yeah, I'm okay. Just feeling a little sick." I looked down. "I don't want you to catch anything." 

"Hmm, okay." He kissed my head, and I shut my eyes, praying that no one would see. "I'll see you later. Maybe we can go stuff our faces with Burger King for dinner." 

"Sounds good." I nodded, and he walked away, disappearing into the rows of bookshelves. I looked to my right, towards the exit, to see Victor smirking. I rolled my eyes as he strode away. 


It was the end of the day, and I was walking to the bus loop to meet Gia and Kyra, when I heard kids chanting. 

Fight. Fight. Fight.

I stepped on my tippy toes, thinking that it would benefit me. 

Fight. Fight. Fight.

I saw his blonde hair and his tight black shirt, and I ripped through the cheering kids. Before I knew it, I was in the middle of the circle. "Victor, stop it! Leave him alone." I yelled, holding his stare. 

"Hmm, speaking of. Here she is." 

"I swear-" Bradley began.

"Stop!" I pushed him back and tried to look up at him, but he picked me up and dropped me to the side. "Bradley, just drop it." 

"He's only mad because I called his little girlfriend a whore."

"I'm not his girlfriend." 

"See, the bitch doesn't even want you." Victor chuckled, and Bradley dove for him. 

"Shit." I watched them swing at each other again and again, and they landed on the floor. "Stop it." I kept saying. I tried to tug at Brad, but he barely budged. He got a good punch in, only to get slammed in the nose right after. "Get off!" I pulled him with all my strength, and he fell backwards. I pushed Bradley to the girls bathroom and the crowd ran to their buses. Victor's boys helped him up and the fight was over. Brad was breathing hard and bleeding all over his face. I pushed him against the sink and got the roll of napkins. 


I didn't talk to him as I cleaned him up. He didn't say a word either, just let me do it. I wiped the blood off of his mouth and his nose. When I tilted his head to get the rest of it on the side of his neck, he grimaced. "My shoulder. " He hissed. 

"Let me see." I said simply, stepping back so he can take his shirt off. He dropped the clothing on the tiled floor, and I covered my mouth at the sight. The bruise was obviously fresh, and bright. 

"How bad is it..." I stood closer and touched it lightly with my fingertips. He was fine at first but when I trailed to the middle he screamed, biting his lip and shoving my hand away. I wiped his lip again and apologized. he looked at it in the mirror while I picked up his shirt. 

"You know, I appreciate that you stood up for me but you didn't have to do that." 

"I see... I see the way people do that to you Cherry. And you just take it. You don't deserve to get treated that way. You're better than that." 

"I don't need you to be my super man, Bradley." he put his shirt back on and shook his head. 

"Well everyone needs a bit of saving sometimes." he walked out, leaving me there, and I followed. 

"Bradley, wait."

"Another question for you." he turned around. We were in the hallway now, and there were kids there. Either staying for tutoring or extra activities. "Are you ashamed of me?"

"What are you talking about?"

"The way you were acting in the library, you didn't want people to see you kissing me."

"No, it not like tha-"

"It is like that! You told Victor that you weren't my girlfriend without any hesitation." He sighed. "You are seriously embarrassed to be seen with me."

"No I'm not."

"No, it's okay. I know its only because you don't want to ruin your reputation. You know, I thought you hated it. People calling you a slut and all that. But you like it." 

"Bradley don't leave."

"Just give me some time." He put his hand up, and I stopped following him. 

There was a group of senior girls laughing at me in the corner. And it had never hurt me so much before. 

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