The heartthrob that doesn't know he's a heartthrob. The guy that never leaves the fine arts hall. The christian that goes to church three times a week. The senior with the burning blue eyes. He's a virgin that has me under a spell. And while I'm busy trying to steal his virginity, he's stealing my heart.
He's Bradley.


17. Seventeen

"Hey Macy." I dropped my house keys on the table and joined her in the kitchen. She had hung up her cell phone as soon as I walked through the door. "You didn't have to hang up." I pecked her cheek and went to the sink to wash my hands. "Was it mom?" 

"No. Just a friend." she smiled, a bit too hard. 

"Whats the grin about?" I gasped. "A new man in your life?" i teased, covering my mouth dramatically. 

"It's no big deal." she shooed me away. "We've been out a few times." 

"Do you like him?" i hopped onto the counter. She paused, and took off her rubber gloves. Then she just nodded with glistening eyes and smiled. "I wanna meet him." I told her in a low voice.

"I don't now if he'll be up for that." I followed her to her room and laid on her bed as she changed out of scrubs. "He's seems a bit shy. Like, kinda bottled up." she folded her work clothes. "Don't get me wrong, he's super sweet and gentle. I just wish he told me more about his life, you know?" She plopped down beside me and sighed. "I talk about you guys all the time." 

"He sounds nice. When are you two going out again?" 

"Hmmm... we made plans for this Thursday. Maybe he can swing inside and I'll introduce you." I sat up and rummaged through her drawer. I found a big shirt to wear and got under the covers. Aunt Macy scratched my head while I told her all about Brad. I couldn't stop laughing at things that weren't even that funny. He always made me laugh. 

I kept talking until my voice started drifting and it just turned into nonsense. Then I fell asleep. 


On Thursday, I met up with Brad after school. "Let's go somewhere." 

"I can't." I told him. "I'm meeting my aunt's boyfriend tonight." I took his hand after we hopped into his truck. 

"Come over for a little bit." he kissed my face, and I pushed him away playfully. "We can study. Exams are coming up."

"Fine. But only for a little while." He drove to his house and we actually did study for a portion of the time. Until Bradley pulled the textbook off of my lap and threw it on the floor. I guess he wasn't satisfied with the stolen kisses he'd gotten. He pushed me down in the bed.

His parents weren't home, and his sisters wouldn't bother us. His room was big, not really what I expected. There was a bay window towards the back, letting the sunlight flow in. He didn't have a bed frame or a head board. Just a huge mattress sitting in the middle of the room. His sheets were really soft and they smelt just like him. I hadn't let go of his quilt since we got in there.

He kissed my neck, more hungrily than I was used to. "Bradley." I tried not to moan as he squeezed my thigh. This was so not like him. I guess because we were having alone time he thought it was okay to move faster in our relationship. I just kept kissing him because deep inside I didn't want to stop. He started taking his shirt off and dropped it on the wooden floor. He then had his fingers tangled in my hair until he went for my shirt. Eventually my red bra was exposed and he ate at my chest. "Bradley, I-" he caught my lips and groaned into my mouth. My legs were wrapped around his waist and there was a yellow pencil piercing into my back. I was surprised when he moved his hand under my skirt. He didn't seem nervous at all. He was just doing and not thinking. I took one more taste of his lips and then pushed him away, yanking his hands out. My fingers were shaking as I avoided eye contact. "I'm not ready for this." I put my hands up a little in surrender and looked around for my shirt, taking deep breaths. He didn't look mad, just blank. But he was biting his lip hard. He might've been embarrassed. All he did was pick up his shirt and walked out.

My heart raced as I sat there, thinking about what had just happened. I threw my top over my head and sighed, my face falling into my hands. I tried not to cry, and stood frozen for awhile. Bradley walked in. It read 5:05 on his alarm clock.

"I'll take you home." He offered his hand and I took it. I ended up hugging him with a long sigh.

"I'm sorry. It was just going fast." I mumbled into his chest.

"It was my fault. " he kissed my ear. "I'm sorry."

We got in the car. "I thought id be the one telling you to slow down." He told me, smiling with his hand on my knee. "You're so much more experienced than me. Maybe I just wanted to impress you." He chuckled

"I'm really not." I confessed. We pulled into my driveway. He looked confused. "I'm a virgin."

"You... You're a virgin?" He was bewildered, but amused. He leaned for a kiss, lingering for a second. "That's cute."

"Thanks. I guess." I sighed. "And don't worry about impressing me. You don't have to try." I kissed him. "I'll call you tonight." I marched inside and saw aunt Macy on the couch smiling.

"She's here." She said cheerfully in a loud voice. The man came out, he had salt and pepper hair. I noticed a familiar figure. He didn't have much shame as he kissed her hard before making eye contact with me. Macy stood there, blushing and wiping her mouth. When he turned his face I gasped. "This is Richard. Richard, this is my niece Lila." Bradley's father stood in front of me, pale faced and sweaty. I stared at him in disgust, my hands quivering. His hand remained on her hip and he nervously went for a hand shake.

"Lovely to meet you, Lila." I gave a small smile and Nick barged through the front door. He saw Macy with Richard and his eyes got wider. I hustled over to him, pulled his backpack off and dragged him to the bathroom.

"Excuse us, please." I closed an locked the door. "Okay I know it looks weird."

"Isn't that your boyfriends dad?" I covered his mouth because he said it with maximum volume.

"Shut up!" I whispered. "Yes it is. You cannot say anything about his wife or Bradley or the girls. Okay?"

"Why is he pretending to date aunt Macy?"

"He's not pretending. He's cheating on his wife."

"With aunt Macy?" I nodded.

"Now promise to keep your mouth shut. And pretend like you've never seen him before."

"Fine." We walked out peacefully and found Brads father crouched down in a squat.

"You must be Nicolas." He showed a big smile. "How ya doin, buster?" I remember him calling Bradley that at one time, and the words panged my heart with guilt.

"Hi." Nicky said with a dead expression. He looked at aunt Macy sadly and went to his room.

"What's up with him?" She huffed. "What did you say to him?" Her expression became angry and her brows furrowed.

"Nothing." I said simply, and the second my aunt turned away, I gave Richard daggers.

"I've got dinner ready. Come and set the table."

I rolled my eyes and did as I was told.

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