The heartthrob that doesn't know he's a heartthrob. The guy that never leaves the fine arts hall. The christian that goes to church three times a week. The senior with the burning blue eyes. He's a virgin that has me under a spell. And while I'm busy trying to steal his virginity, he's stealing my heart.
He's Bradley.


1. One

I had him dangling from my fingertips. "What's the matter, Paul?" I stared at him fiercely as he stood still, nervous. I hadn't even touched him and he was melting like a vanilla cone. I giggled with a seductive grumble, or sarcastic, rather. "Hmm." I circled the desperate kid and smiled as he frantically searched the hall for faculty. Silly little freshman. I blew gently in his ear, making sure to keep my hands far away from him. He moaned, making me laugh again. Anyone of these classrooms probably heard it loud and clear. The bell was going to ring at any second, and this kid was about to explode. 

I used the end of my red fingernail to trail up his scrawny neck. I grinned at his whimpers, taking notice of the sweat on his forehead. His mouth was wide open, and his chest was rising fast. Never in a million years would I even think about being with a guy like him. I'm just a tease. 

I reached his chin and he looked me straight in the eyes. I prepared my gum for a giant bubble, and I couldn't see his face behind it. It popped perfectly on cue, as the school bell alarmed, and he flinched. My face leaned into his and I left a slow aching kiss against his cheek, leaving the print of my red lips behind. Then I disappeared into the flooded hallway of students. 


"You should've see his face, Gia. I swear it was priceless." They laughed along with me as we remained propped up against the brick side of the school. Kyra pulled out a bag of pretzels and started chomping, ruining our image. I rolled my eyes at her, but couldn't help but smile. People stared at us, as usual. It was our normal routine to wait in the bus loop at the end of every school day. 

"Brad Taylor." Gia mumbled. 

"What about'm?" I searched for him in the crowd and locked my eyes onto the familiar giant. My orbs scanned him from head to toe until he looked my way. I smirked at him, and he actually smiled back. Not so typical of him. He wasn't exactly like us. His silver cross necklace glistened in the sun, sending a glare in my direction. I blinked, and waited for Gia's answer. 

"He is one nice piece of mmm." she smiled, and I just laughed pathetically at her. 

"He'd never talk to one of us." I stated the obvious, trying to keep up the humorous mood. "He's totally a virgin." 

"No way!" Kyra leaned forward to look past Gia in my direction. "There's no way that he's never gotten a piece of ass. Look at all of them, drooling." I took notice of the females staring around him with their mouths agape. 

"That doesn't mean he does anything with them, Ky. His daddy's a pastor."

"Who knows... Maybe he's a little adventurous." Gia chimed in. "He's looking at you, Cherry." I didn't turn my head. She just chuckled. "I'd bet you could take his virginity. Teach him a thing or two." I rested my shoulders back against the cold red bricks and slowly made eye contact with him. Then he winked, and I was caught off guard. That never happens. Never. I managed to smile and the buses started to pull in. 


My heels clicked against the cement as I made my way around the school. I don't take the bus. I walk, instead of listening to a bunch of brats hoop and holler. 

I was stepping closer to the bike racks, where Hector's gang stood. Some days he talked to me, and I hated it. He smelled like weed and salt water, and it made me wanna gag. I guess today was one of those days.

He approached me, with his not-so-white teeth showing. "Mmmm hey there baby girl." I stopped in my tracks, hoping he wouldn't come any closer. 

"I'm not really in the mood, Hector." His pale friend came up behind him, and nodded at me. I snarled, and tried to be on my way. Hector grabbed my forearm, and I stumbled back. "Don't touch me." I warned him. 

"Eh, what are you gonna do?" My eyes wandered and spotted Brad, watching. I was suddenly embarrassed, and I looked down at my feet. "Mmm?" Hector encouraged, swiping my hair away from my face. His friend, Johnny I think, just laughed. "You're one sexy tease, you know that?" I bent down and took my stilettos off, taking at least four inches off my height. Then I walked away, leaving my shoes behind. I was tired of him, and his stupid friends. He's lucky I didn't clock him with my heel.

"Aunt Macy, I'm home!" I dropped my bag and ran to the fridge for water. When i closed the magnetic door, I took a second to stare at the picture of my father propped up by a plastic lady bug. My dad died when my little brother was born, but he wasn't around anyway so it didn't effect me much. Then my mom became a crack head, so I guess she didn't want us anymore. One night she left us at Aunt Macy's house for a 'sleepover' and never came back. 

"Okay sugar. There's pasta on the stove if you want some. I'm gonna take a quick shower. She came over to give me a hug. I smelled her tinted orange hair and squeezed her chunky body. she kissed my cheek hard and smiled at me. I looked into her tired eyes. She could've left us on the streets, or with my grandparents in Sweden. But she didn't. She raised us like her own, and loved us like a mother, a real mother. I sighed and turned my back so that she couldn't see my wimpy expression. I went to my room and changed into my plaid pajama pants and a black t-shirt. 

"Lila?" Nicolas called from the front door. Lila's my real name, but Gia's called me Cherry since the second she laid eyes on me. Then it kinda just passed around and that's what I'm known as. 

"Yeah, I'm in here Nicky." I shouted. I shuffled his brown locks and kissed his head. "How was school?" 


"You sure?" he nodded, and I took out a plate to serve him some spaghetti. He nodded simply and took out his homework. "Get the juice out, please." I instructed, and he stood up heavily to get it from the fridge while I pulled down two cups. 

We sat down to eat and Macy joined us after her shower. And I was in bed by 9:00, which is very unlike me. But hey, I was tired. 

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