The heartthrob that doesn't know he's a heartthrob. The guy that never leaves the fine arts hall. The christian that goes to church three times a week. The senior with the burning blue eyes. He's a virgin that has me under a spell. And while I'm busy trying to steal his virginity, he's stealing my heart.
He's Bradley.


19. Nineteen

I entered the living room and almost gagged at the sight of Macy and Richard. He smiled shyly. 

I wore a dark purple thigh length dress. It was tight with long sleeves. "Where do you think you're going?" my aunt questioned, showing off her motherly side. I rolled my eyes and turned to face her. 

"I'm going to a party with Bradley." I told her, pulling my dress down a bit. I observed as she rested her leg on Mr. Taylor's lap, and he rubbed it gently. I closed my eyes in shame for a quick second and reached for my purse. "He's coming to get me any minute." Aunt Macy's leg was dropped as her date stood to his feet. 

"I think I should get going." he said nervously. He instantly knew that Brad would recognize his car the second he pulled into the driveway. 

"Oh, honey don't leave me here alone tonight. Lila won't be home until late tonight and Nick is staying over his friends house." Then he leaned down to kiss her. I cleared my throat. 

"Well, how about I run out and buy a bottle of wine?"

"I have some in th-"

"I wanna buy something special, my favorite one... for you." he was jittery as he went for his coat on the hook. "I'll be back in twenty minutes, Gorgeous." I grimaced when he ran a sweaty hand through his salt and pepper hair and walked out.

A waited for a few moments. "Hey aunt Mace, don't be surprised if I don't get back until morning. I might end up staying at Gia's or something." I lied, shoving a piece of gum in my mouth. I heard the rumble of my boyfriend's pick up truck. "Enjoy your night." i said, with a hint of attitude. I didn't give her a chance to respond before I walked out and skipped to Brad's car. 

He leaped on me the second I closed the door. My body slid down the leather as I smiled into his mouth. I giggled loud as he went for my neck, his chuckle ringing in my ear. "You look amazing in that dress." he whispered, leaving a kiss on my ear. A few smooches were placed on my lips as his mouth lingered there. He squeezed my thigh. I kissed him again and there was a knock at the window. Brad jolted, his grip loosening when I squealed. Macy was looking down at us and we scooted up quickly. Then I opened the window. "Hi." I said simply, and she gave me a sarcastic smile. 

"Hi kids." 

"Hey Aunt Macy." Brad greeted with a wave. I told him it was okay to call her that.

"Listen Lila," she began. "Whenever you get home, I'd like to have a talk with you about this attitude thats been nonstop all week." Embarrassment washed over my face.  

"I don't have an attitude." i said with attitude. My best friend was denial at this point. "We have to go, or we're gonna be late." I looked at Bradley, and he positioned the car into drive. 

"It was nice to see you again." Bradley told her politely, slowly easing out of the driveway. I blew her a sarcastic kiss, not really caring if I was being rude or not. And Brad tried not to chuckle.

We drove. 

"I love learning new things about you." I mumbled, cuddled into his arm. 

"Oh yeah? Like what?"  he squeezed my side. 

"I like that you can tell me stuff without getting embarrassed. I know that you get embarrassed around everyone but me, and I love that." I kissed his jaw and he pulled back slightly. "This must be a sensitive spot." i whispered. "Another new discovery." I kept kissing the spot until he let out a strangled moan that also sounded like a laugh. I smiled, leaving more kisses to the area. 

"You're killing me." he gripped the fabric of my dress. "And this dress..." he didn't say it like he loved it, or he thought it was hot like the first time. There was an emotion in his words that I couldn't point out. I hummed, waiting for him to finish the sentence with a smirk. "Just make sure you stay by me tonight."  He kept his eyes on the road, giving my hip another firm squeeze to let me know that he wasn't mad. I stuck my head in his neck and rubbed his leg until we got there. 

I could smell the alcohol reeking from the house as soon as I stepped out of the car. Bradley planted his hand on my lower back, leaving it there for a while. He did that knuckle handshake thing to a few guys on our way in. It was muggy and loud in the place. The cloth on my skin felt suffocating. Bradley grabbed a drink off the table in the kitchen and I stared at him as he gulped it down in seconds. He went for another and saw me glaring. "I need it." was all he said. I rolled my eyes. 

He wouldn't let go of me, even when I tugged him hand off. "Listen, this protective side of you is hot, but I need to pee so you're gonna have to leave me be for a second." i said in his ear, screaming over the loud music. He nodded as he took a swig. 


I stared in the mirror, and then adjusted my boobs. I checked my teeth and took a quick look at my butt before the handle on the door started wiggling. Hector popped in, shutting the door behind him. The restroom was fairly large, big enough for me to keep my distance. "Get out of here Hector." I wiped my damp hands on a towel and went for the mirror again. He was drunk. I could smell it. 

"Cherry, let me just tell you one thing, okay, listen, okay, you look, you look so, fine." he kept his eyes closed like if he was feeling pleasure, and it made me sick to my stomach. He hummed for a moment and I rolled my eyes, brushing past him towards the door. He grabbed my wrist. "No no no baby girl, stay with me, come on." he pulled me close. "Remember how much fun we used to have. Let's do that again." I gagged at the smell of some kind of vodka odor and shoved him. "Why did you have to change, mama? Hmm? I didn't do anything to you."

"Hector we didn't have anything. It was a stupid fling. It was a pathetic sophomore year mistake." 

"I'll make you forget all about your little boyfriend." he groaned in my ear, pushing my backside into his groin. I ended up elbowing his in the neck, and dashing for an escape. 

"Son of a bitch." I spat, whipping around and tugging my freshly straightened hair behind my ear. 

"What's wrong with you?" Bradley questioned, pulling my chin up. 

"Nothing, Bradley." I grabbed his hand. "It was just Hector." 

"Cherry I swear..." He stood up from his seated position, tightening his fists and hissing. 

"No, stop it." I sat him back down. "Please. " I took a seat on his lap, allowing him to rub my back and rest his chin on my shoulder. He glared strongly at every guy who passed to look at me. A senior guy came up to us, brunette with brown eyes and an eager smirk. 

"Brad, that's your 5th cup already, cool it man you just got here." I smiled gratefully at him, my expression soon turning shocked when he walked away. My boyfriend swallowed the last bit in the cup and crushed it angrily. 

"Don't start,Cherry." he knew I had something to say, and I was gonna say it whether he liked it or not. He picked up another cup, and I slapped it out of his hands once I got to my feet, the liquid splashing everywhere. He'd surely reek of beer after this. He cursed under his breath. 

"You don't NEED it, Bradley." I said. "What you NEED is to talk about it. Don't drink your feelings away. Stop trying to be cool." We were almost nose to nose, and only he could hear me over the thumping tunes. 

"Who said I'm trying to be cool?" he was offended, and he stood, his figure towering over me. "You're not my mother, you can't tell me how to handle my life." I went for he hand but he rejected my gesture, and walked away with a new red cup in his hand. I crossed my arms and huffed, my eyes falling on noticeable bleach blonde curls across the room. 

"Bianca what are you doing here?" I asked Brad's little sister. She was draped over a junior guy from my homeroom. 

"I'm having a little fun."

"You know her?" the guy asked, pointing at me. 

"Yeah," she answered slyly. "My brother's girlfriend." she struggled to stand up, and her little man friend stared at her ass as she adjusted her skirt. "What are you doing here?" she slapped her hand across her mouth. "He's not here is he?" I nodded. "Cherry you can't let him see me please." she begged, throwing her arms around me. 

Bianca and I held the title of friends. We'd chatted in the library a few times, and sat with one another at lunch once. I didn't want to let her down, but Bradley would wanna know that his 15 year old little sister was at a party with horny guys and alcoholic beverages. "I won't tell him anything." I put my hands up in surrender and smiled as she hopped up and down. 

"Thank you thank you thank you!" she kissed my cheek and fell back into homeroom guy, shooing me away so she could have some privacy. 


I wandered around for a while, looking for my boyfriend. There was a boy staring at me from afar, blue eyes and a buff figure. I'd go for him in a heartbeat if the blonde guy hadn't taken my heart. I just smiled shyly and kept going. I found myself sipping from a red cup, the burning drink hurting my throat and chest. I heard a whisper in my ear, and a squeeze on my butt. I could've sworn it was Bradley say, "That dress." I turned around to see Mr. blue-eyed buff man and gasped. 

"Um .." I slapped his hand off, which was now on my hip and crossed my arms awkwardly. Literally seconds later, I blinked and he wasn't in front of me anymore. My boyfriend had shoved him out of the way and knocked him to the floor. I screamed, covering my mouth and hitting him hard in the shoulder. "Why did you do that?!" 

"You think I was gonna let him touch you like that and not do anything about it?" he yelled back. I pushed him towards the exit as my admirer stood to his feet.

"Are you kidding me? That guy could have killed you!" I didn't realize that Bianca was trailing behind us. I guess he'd found her and snatched her up. 

"Let's just leave." she chimed in., and I agreed.


The three of us walked out and trudged towards him pick up. Brad and I both went to the driver's side, and he slid down, knowing that I wouldn't dare let him drive.  



On the way to his house he was mumbling to Bianca about her wrong doings, and she gave him attitude saying that he wasn't the boss of her and that she could see whoever she wants to see and go wherever she wants to go. I stayed quiet and kept my eyes on the road. I'd had my driver's license for quite some time, I just didn't have a car to put it to good use. 

We moped up to his room, Bradley still smelling like stale beer. He flopped onto his bed, grunting and yawning. I laid down, far from him and closed my eyes. Of course I couldn't sleep, so I tossed and turned for a little bit until I finally found the right spot and knocked out. 

I heard his voice in my ear. "Cherry." I jolted up and stared at him looming over me. I looked the clock that said 4 am and groaned. I looked down to see that my dress had been scrunched up to my hips, and my lower half was bare except for my black undies. Bradley handed me a big white shirt, but I need help getting out of the dress. He assisted me tiredly and pushed the new shirt over my head. My boyfriend then crawled over me and went back to his position. This time he pulled me in close, nestling his face in my neck. I took in his scent and smiled, falling asleep again. 

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