The heartthrob that doesn't know he's a heartthrob. The guy that never leaves the fine arts hall. The christian that goes to church three times a week. The senior with the burning blue eyes. He's a virgin that has me under a spell. And while I'm busy trying to steal his virginity, he's stealing my heart.
He's Bradley.


11. Eleven

"Honey.... Are you gonna come out and eat dinner with us?"

"I'm not hungry, Aunt Macy." 

"You've been laying there for hours. At least turn the tv on."

"No, thanks. I'm okay." 

"Baby, did something happen with Brad?" I knew that if I told her, I'd cry. I hadn't cried yet. i shook my head. "Lila, talk to me." she rubbed my back. 

"I'm a whore." I whimper. 

"You're what?" she said, shocked. 

"Everybody thinks I'm a whore. I get called names everyday. But I like it." I wiped the first tear. 

"You like it?" I nodded. 

"I dress like that to get attention, because thats the only way I'm gonna get it."

"You're not a virgin?"

"I am, but nobody thinks I am because I make them believe that I'm not."

"Why would you do that?" 

"I don't know, Gia and Kyra, they're so-" I huffed. "Experienced. But I fit in with them." 

"But you're not experienced..." 

"I know! But people think i am. Because I dress like it and carry myself like it and flirt like it. In everyone's eyes, I'm a slut." 

"Okay okay, I'm confused. And now you don't like it anymore?"

"I don't know. I guess not." 

"Honey. Be who you want to be. You can get attention without the short skirts and high heels."

"And now Bradley probably doesn't want to be with me, because I'm ashamed to be with him because I'm afraid it'll ruin my reputation." 

"Lila, I can't help you much with this one. If he makes you happy, then you shouldn't care about other people think. Maybe if you introduce him as your boyfriend, people won't think you're slutty anymore. They'll think of you as a committed, loyal girl."

I shook my head and wiped my face.

"Come and eat with us, I made that casserole that you love so much." She kissed my head and smiled sweetly.  

"I love you, Aunt Macy."

"I love you more, sweetheart."

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