Bullied love (harry styles fanfic)

Denise Jones makes a friend at the age of 3 but left him at the age of 10 but comes back at the age of 15 but her best friend turns into her bully, but why?


25. The Next Morning


My eyes flutter open revealing Zayn sleeping peacefully, he looked so cute. i got up but before i could get off the bed Zayn grabbed my wrists "don't leave you were keeping me warm" i smiled and laid back down then Zayn wrapped his hand around my waist we were rudely interrupted by 3 boys barraging in "PARTY TIME!" Niall yells. then when they saw us they looked pretty embarrassed. "sorry didn't know we were interrupting" Liam said "yeah sorry for being a cock blocker" Louis said. me and Zayn blushed "oh by the way Dens wanna come to my party at 7" Zayn said "sure um can you drive me home?" he nodded and said "sure" me and Zayn headed to the car leaving my other friends that are like brothers to me. 

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