Bullied love (harry styles fanfic)

Denise Jones makes a friend at the age of 3 but left him at the age of 10 but comes back at the age of 15 but her best friend turns into her bully, but why?


13. invitation

Denise's POV

After school Harry dropped me off at the house then he said he was going to the mall but I'm pretty sure he was going to Louis's not the mall. I woke up and Harry was beside me. I got ready for school http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=108157887 and walked down stairs and grabbed a energy bar and decide to walk to school. when I was walking I texted Harry I was walking to school I saw Ashton walking to so I decide to walk with him.

A: hi Dens

D: hi Ash

A: so how was school yesterday?

D: well besides the fact that Louis beat me up


D: I decide in stead of eating I took a walk and Louis beat me up when I was walking

A: anyway want to come to a party today?

D: sure

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