Hello, What's Your Name?

Can't say, gives away too much info :3 But I can say, don't expect much... I've been busy!


5. Chapter 5

Lizzie's POV

As he left, I thought abut how he pinned me down and how he kissed me. The weird thing was, I didn't want him to stop. I liked him and all, but I started to think both sides of him liked me. "Hey, Ross, wait!" I called. He stopped and turned. I ran over to him and crashed my lips against his. I pulled away. "Try to control it." I said, smirking. I walked back into the house, not looking back. I could use helping him as excuse to kiss him. I smiled to myself. The next day, he came over so I could hep him. Everyday, no one was home right way. Mom and dad were at work and Jason was at a friend's house. We walked in and when I closed the door, he lunged at me. "OK! Ross! Snap out of it." I said. "Lizzie, I'm not dazed! I'm telling the truth! I actually really like you." He said. It sounded like him and he called me Lizzie, not baby girl. "Oh my god." I gasped. "You are telling the truth." I was just blown away. "Ya, I am." He said. "But, why? I mean, I'm ugly and I'm practically a dude." I said. "First, you're not ugly. Second, I like you cuz you understand guys and you're just amazing for that." He said. He had me on the ground. I was in too much of a shock that I liked him and he liked me. Without another word, I crashed my lips into his. I had my hands around his neck and I blushed madly. He had his hands on my waists. I couldn't see his his face, but the was his lips felt, I could tell he was smiling. I rolled onto of him. He slowly slipped his hands into my pants. I slapped his hands. "What'd I tell you?" I asked. "Sorry. I couldn't help it. The part of me that calls you baby girl tried to slip into our moment." He said. We stood up. He crashed his lips into mine, causing us to lose our balance and fell onto the couch. This time, he was on me. My brother came in. "Lizzie! What are you doing!?" Jason screamed. "Jason! Screw off!" I said. "Get off my sister!" He screamed at Zack. He pulled Zack off me. "JASON! STOP!" I shouted. He ignored me. I grabbed him and carried him into his room. "I'm still your older sister, so you better listen to me! You don't get to choose who I have in my life." I hissed. He looked up at me in silence. I turned and walked back downstairs. "Zack, I am soooo sorry!" I said. "It's OK, baby girl." He said. "Please tell me you're just joking." I said, stepping back. He pinned me down and forcefully pushed his lips onto mine. His tongue found my tongue again. I was afraid at first, I relaxed. Why did this side of him make me feel... different. His hands slowly went up my shirt in the back. That's when I started to push him off. "What's wrong, baby girl?" He asked. "Zack, come back to me! I love you, not creepy you!" I said, staring into his eyes. His pupils slowly came back to normal. He slowly looked down and frowned. "What's wrong?" I asked. "Lizzie... I love you, but I think it's best if I learn to control this first..." He said. "What are you saying?" I asked, worried. "I can't be with you until I can stop. We'll have to stay friends. I'm really sorry. I truly love you more then anyone, but I don't want this to keep happening." He said, looking into my eyes. Tears came to my eyes as I nodded slowly. I kissed him one last time. "See you tomorrow?" I asked. He was silent. "I'm sorry..." He said quietly and left. I fell to my knees and buried my face in my hands.

Zack's POV:

I felt so bad that I had to make her cry. Seeing her cry made me think that it was best to leave forever. I walked slowly to my room and shut the door. "ZACK!! ARE CHU OK!?" My little sister, Ariel, called from the other side of the door. "Go away!" I called. She ran into the room. "Now I know there's something wrong! Tell me!" She said, hugging me. I told her what just happened. "Zack, if you love her, then why leave her!? She probably doesn't care. If she was crying, she odiously still wants you." Ariel said. "You're right, but... I don't wan to go back right now. How do you know this anyway?" I asked. "Do you promise not to mommy and daddy?" She asked. "Cross my heart and hope to fly. Stick a cupcake in my eye." I said. "I have a boyfriend!" She giggled. I gave her a high five. "Let's see if you can keep him for more than a day." I laughed. She smiled. For a 9 year old, she sure was cool. Lizzie reminded me on Ariel. Both red hair, tall and loved guy things. "He'd better be good to you. Tell him if he isn't, he has to deal with your big brother." I said with a wink. "OK!" She giggled and ran out.

Elizabeth's POV:

Lizzie called me and I rushed over. I banged on her door. She answered the door. "Hey, girl, hey!" I said. She barely smiled. I dragged her up to her room. "Explain!" I said. "You were right, I was in love. WE were in love. He had to brake up with me cuz of his split personality." She said. "Devil, you'll find someone better. I swear you can do better then him. You just have to move on." I told her. As she rambled, I pulled out my phone. I started to text Dean.

E: Hey boy hey

D: XD Hey

E: Sup?

D: Nothing. Spill

E: Devil has a bad broken heart.


E: New guy, split personality, dated for an hour, had to brake up with her cuz of it.

D: I feel bad for her. Can I come see her?

I looked up. She was still going on.

E: Yup, she's rambling

D: Now I feel bad for you. Be there in a min.


"DRAGON!" She shouted. "Ya?" I asked, looking up. She glared at me.

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