Hello, What's Your Name?

Can't say, gives away too much info :3 But I can say, don't expect much... I've been busy!


3. Chapter 3

Lizzie's POV:

I haven't cried in years. "Lizzie, I promise. I won't tell anyone." He said. "Good..." I said in a softer tone. "Sorry for getting hostile there. It's just, now you know something not even my brother knows." I said. "It's fine." He said. I dropped my wallet and both of us reached down to pick it up. His hand ended up on top of mine. My heart raced and my face reddened. We both looked at each other with nervous expressions on our faces. We stood up slowly and our eyes locked. We just stood there, hands still together. We pulled away and we both rubbed the back of our own heads. "I have to home for supper... bye!" I said quickly before running off. I rushed into my house and into my room, shutting the door behind me. I pressed my back against my door and slowly slid down it. 'Radioactive' started to play on my phone. "Hello?" I asked, picking up my cell. "Where the hell are you!? I went to your house, then I walked around town looking for you!" Elizabeth said. "I was at the movies, now I'm at home." I said. "Oh... well, I'm coming over!" She said and hung up. I really wasn't in the mood to talk. "I just don't get it! It's something I never felt in my life!" I said when she came over. "What are you feeling?" She asked. "Well, I get a weird feeling, my heart races and my face reddens." I said. She thought for a second, then smirked. "What!?" I asked. "Remember that video we watched 1 year ago about feelings?" She asked. I nodded. "Do you remember what those feelings are for?" She asked. I shook my head. She grabbed my shoulders. "You're in love!" She exclaimed. "What?! No... no no no no!" I said, worriedly. "That can't be it! It can't be! Please tell me it's not!" I said, scared. "Sorry, but it's true. it's the first part of the video." She said. I collapsed onto my bed. I buried my face in my heads and shook my head. "This can't be happening!" I exclaimed. "Maybe I'm dreaming! Ya! That's it!" I said. Elizabeth shook her head. That night, I couldn't sleep. Our conversation played over and over in my head. The next morning, I was super tired. I got dressed, ate breakfast and left for school. I put my headphones on. Half way to school, someone tapped my shoulder. I jumped and I heard laughter. "Jason you little twerp!" I said. I grabbed him and carried him under my arm. "Put me down sis!" He said, squirming. "Hey, Lizzie!" Someone called from behind me. I turned and dropped Jason. "Hey, Ross." I said, smoothing my shirt.

Zack's POV:

We walked alone cuz her brother ran off. She was playing with the cords on her headphones. "Do you think of me differently now?" She asked. "Well, I see a nicer side of you, but other then that, no." I said. She smiled slightly. 'Just think of it as your brother knowing. Everything will seem normal." I said. She nodded. We were quiet for awhile. She started to sing 'Radioactive' quietly. She was actually really good. When she stopped she closed her eyes. "You good at singing." I said. Her eyes flew open and stared at me. "I... I forgot you were there." She said. At school, she was zoned out all day. After school, I walked home alone. I was walking past Lizzie's house and she was outside playing soccer. She seemed bothered by something. She cursed under her breath and kicked the ball away. I stopped and picked it up. She laid on her lawn, closed her eyes and sighed. I walked over, sat next to her and put the ball on her stomach. She opened one eye and looked at me. She sat up. "Something wrong?" I asked. "I've been off my game. I can't get the ball into the net and I keep missing the ball. I'm distracted by something." She said with a sigh. "What's on your mind?" I asked. "I don't know." She said, laying down again. She bit her lip. "Lizzie?" I asked. "What?" She asked. "What would you do if one of your friends liked you... a lot?" I asked. She fell silent. "No comment." She said. We sat in silence for awhile. "I'm thinking of quitting soccer." She said. "What! Why?" I asked. "Cuz, I can't even do my move. I'm losing my game. Anyway, no one really supports me." She said, with a sigh. "It's the one thing I love doing, but what's the point if I can't kick." She continued. I stood up and looked at her. "No." I said. She looked at my in confusion. "You're not quitting! Your team needs you! I won't let you quit! You do have someone supporting you!" I said. "Who?" She asked. "Me! I believe in you, Lizzie! I won't let you quit something you love!" I said. I pulled her up. "Try it doing your move knowing that I'm supporting you." I said. She sighed and got into position. She kicked it and broke the net. She ran over to me and we hugged each other. After a moment, we pulled away from each other awkwardly. "Thanks for supporting me." She said. 

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