Hello, What's Your Name?

Can't say, gives away too much info :3 But I can say, don't expect much... I've been busy!


2. Chapter 2

Lizzie's POV:

As I walk home, still in my soccer uniform, I put on my headphones and looked around. Just then, someone ran up beside me, so I took my headphones off. I looked the shorter guy up and down. "Hey, aren't you the new guy?" I asked. "Ya, but I have a name." He said. "Well duh!" I said. "The name's..." I cut him off. "I know who you are. You're Zack Ross. The name's Lizzie." I said. 'You're awesome at soccer, Lizzie." He said. "And that's new to me, how?" I asked. "I don't know. Why are you on the boy's team anyway?" He asked. "I was kicked off the girl's team for being too rough and giving someone a black eye and a bloody nose. The couch for the boy's team told me I could play with the guys. At least now I have all my friends with me." I said. "All your friends?" He asked. "Well, I have one friend who's a girl, but every guy in grade 8 is my friend." I said. "Wait, how'd you know my name?" He asked. "Cuz, dingus, the guys told me." I said. "Oh..." He said. I started to feel strange. We were silent for awhile. "Some of the guys and I are heading to the movies, wanna come?" I asked. "Sure. What time?" He asked. "After we get dressed. Meet us there in 10." I said. He nodded. "Well, here's my stop, peace." I said, walking into my house. "Hey, Liz. How was soccer?" My little bother, Jason, asked. "We won 25 to 1." I said. "MOM! DAD! I'M HEADING TO THE MOVIES WITH THE GUYS!!" I shouted. "OK!" My mom shouted. "I don't like the fact that she's always with boys." I heard my dad say. "She'll be fine." I heard my mom say as I walked past her room and I walked into mine. I grabbed my favorite black T-shirt that said, Burn Homework, Blame dog, play video games. I put on my ripped jeans and pulled my hair into a ponytail. "Bye!" I yelled and left. As I walked, I saw Zack leaving the across the street. I took no notice and put my headphones on. I felt someone tap my shoulder. I spun around and froze. "Hey, Lizzie!" Zack said, smiling. "Hi." I said and continued walking. He tried to keep a conversation going. "What you listening to?" He asked. "Nothing you need to know about." I said. 'Angel With A Shotgun' was playing and I made sure my headphones weren't going to fall off. or some reason, I started to get nervous. I never get nervous. My heart started to race and  I could hear it clearly. "Lizzie, you OK?" He asked. "I'm fine!" I snapped. What's wrong with me!? I thought. We walked in silence. We got close to the movies and 'Skyscraper' By Demi Lovato came on. I smiled to myself. Suddenly, Zack snatched my headphones. I jumped on top of him, knocking him to the ground. I straddled him and narrowed my eyes. "No one hears my music! NO ONE!" I shouted. I grabbed my headphones and put them back on. I left him on the ground and walked to the movies. 

Zack's POV:

I sat up in shock. What was she hiding? I wondered. I caught up to her and met some guys there. After the movie, we all disbanded. Lizzie and I walked home together. "Why do you always listen to music?" I asked. "Cuz it keeps me calm." She replied. "Cool." I said. We continued walking in silence. "But, why do you hide you're music?" I asked after a while. She stopped and narrowed her eyes. "Why do you want to know all this?" She hissed. "Cuz I want to know more about you." I replied. She angry look faded and she looked down at her feet. I liked Lizzie, a lot. She understood guys, she teased people lightheartedly, she was awesome and she acted like someone any guy would want to be friends with, but why did she hide her music? Then I got it. She was afraid that some music she was afraid her friends would treat her differently. "I understand why you try to hide it." I said, softly. "No you don't..." She said, still looking at her feet. "It's cuz you don't want people to think of you differently. It's cuz you're afraid that you're friends will treat you like just any other girl if they found out. It's cuz you hide you're feelings. It's cuz you keep a part of you locked away inside cuz you're afraid and you don't like that side of you. Isn't it?" I asked. She was quiet. "Isn't it?" I asked more softly. She hesitated before looking at me. With tears in her eyes, she nodded. "Can we just keep this a secret?" She asked, quietly. I nodded. "Just know this. If you tell ANYONE, I won't hesitate to hurt you." She said. 

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